universal suffrage.” Or as one seriousnChina-watcher said at the time theneconomic reforms were first introduced:n”You start catching communistnmice with capitalist cats, and soon thencats will be pretty big.” Now, it appears,nthe cat is out of the bag. (BC)nPresident Reagan’s New Year’s Daynaddress to the peoples of the SovietnUnion eventually got read, in translation,nover the airwaves, but the Sovietngovernment’s refusal to broadcast Mr.nReagan’s appeal was seen by manynAmericans as one more sign that Mr.nGorbachev will be carrying on businessnas usual. On the other hand, thenhead of one state (no matter hownfriendly) has no right to deal directly,nin any way, with the citizens of anothernnation. Legitimate regimes speak forntheir nations and ought not toleratenthe unlicensed diplomacy of privatencitizens or foreign politicians. (A RussiannJesse Jackson would be brought tonheel immediately, and rightiy so.) Ofncourse, in a war against a governmentnwe choose to regard as illegitimaten(e.g., Nazi Germany), we frequentiynappeal directiy to the people to thrownoff their tyrannical masters. If thenUSSR is really the evil empire thenPresident has declared it to be, then henis perfectiy right to address his remarksndirectiy to its nations. By the samentoken, we ought long ago to havensuspended all negotiations and treatednthe Soviets precisely as we treat thenPLO. It is the on again/off again stylenof negotiating that is so dispiriting.nWhat is worse, it serves to blur thenboundaries between legitimate statesnand tyrannies, between private citizensnand governments. Out of oflice, Mr.nReagan knew the difference betweennblack and white (and between the redwhite-and-bluenand just plain red). Innoffice, he has had to listen to advisersnlike Mr. Shultz, whose entire spectrumnof belief consists of the infinitelynnuanced shades of gray in a BrooksnBrothers suit.nMontezuma’s real revenge is illegalnimmigration. No subject has been sonfoolishly and so ignorantly discussedn(even outside of Congress) as immigrationnreform. The historical perspectiventhat informs any serious political de­nbate is almost entirely missing. A shortnmonograph by John Lukaes, “Immigrationnand Migration—A HistoricalnPerspective,” is all the more welcomenfor being written by a celebratednAmerican historian. Lukaes surveysnthe wanderings of European man andndistinguishes between the purposefulnsetdement implied in the word “immigration”nand the impermanence ofnmere migration. (He points out thatnSacco and Vanzetti, as well as PresidentnMcKinley’s assassin, were notnLnORDERnTOLL-FREEn1-800-n238-2200next. 500nCHARGE YOUR VISAnOR MASTERCARDn• Continental U.S. •n24 hours a day *n7 days weeknMONEYBACKnGUARANTEEnIf for any reason younare dissatisfied witli this booii,njust return it wittiin 30 daysnfor a refund.neven naturalized citizens.) For Lukaes,nthe essence of America is the culturenand institutions represented by the Englishnlanguage. Massive migrationnfrom the South threatens not just thenprimacy of our language but also allnthe institutions of responsible selfgovernmentnwe derive from our Britishnheritage. This short and readablenmonograph is available from thenAmerican Immigration Control Foundationn(P.O. Box 525, Monterey, Virginian24465).n”After 100 years it’s time to burynsocialism. The workers of the worldnhave been deceived long enough.”nSocialism:nThe Grand Delusionnby Brian Crazier & Arthur SeldonnTaking this statement as their starting point, authorsnCrozier and Seldon strip to the bone both thensocialist dream and the socialist reality. Theynridicule the excuses socialists have to offer. Theyntake advantage of every incautious socialist remark.nTheir barbed comments and pithy remarks clobberntheory and practice alike. This is a spirited book thatnrings with truth and calls socialism’s bluff!nOrder your copy today. Illustrated. $ Q95nCS4440 (paper) OnSend your order to:nlAISSEZFAIREBGDKS Dept. CALn532 Broadway, New York, NY 10012nPlease send me copies of Socialism: The GrandnDelusion (CS4440) for $8.95 each, plus $1.00 postage &nhandling per order ($2.00 UPS). NY State residents add appropriatensales tax.nD Send me yom- 32-page catalog of books on liberty.nD My check or money order is enclosed forn$nD Please bill my D Visa D MasterCardnCard No.nSignature.nName (Please Print) _nAddressnCity/State/Zip_nnn. Exp. DatenMARCH 1987 / 7n