The quick and easynway to learnna foreign language!nBased on the U^ Military “Speed-up^’ Method of Language Learning.nProgrammed for Rapid Learning!nIt’s been scientifically proven that we remember words wenhear better than words we see. That’s why you’ll find thentwo audiocassettes in each Language/30 package morenuseful than all the language books money can buy. Justnstart Ustening to the tapes, repeat the foreign phrases a fewntimes and, believe it or not, you’ll begin speaking like annative. It’s that simple!nRemember, Language/30 is a learning tool that works.nIt incorporates the “speed-up” method of languagenlearning—the same method used to train U.S. governmentnpersonnel who work overseas.nWith Language/30, you can practice your targetnlanguage anytime, anywhere You won’t have to set asidenhours just for language study. You can Usten tonLanguage/30 while you’re getting dressed, eating, drivingnto work, or eveii jogging. Whether you’re studying French,nRussijin, Swahili, or any of the other 23 languages listednbelow, you’ll improve your speaking fluency and listeningncomprehension each time you play the Language/30 tapes.nIntroduced by Language ExpertnCharies Beriitz.nEach Language/30 program features native voices speakingnthe most important and commonly used conversationalnphrases. You’ll learn all the words you need to know forngreetings, introductions, requests, and general conversationsnin hotels, restaurants, stores, theaters, and other places.nAnd each cassette is introduced by world-renowned linguistnCharles Berlitz, who explains the social customs and etiquettenof the country.nSo, whether you’re going abroad for a short trip or annextended stay, you’ll find that the fluency you’ve gainednfrom Language/30 will make your visit easier, more pleasant,nand more enriching. Instead of being a “stranger in anstrange land;’ you’ll be able to converse freely with thennatives in their own language.nW% SINCE 1873 g» I^T 1 1nBarnes &NoUenBOOKSTORESnDEPT. T465, 126 FIFTH AVE., NY, N.Y. 10011nItem # Oty Price Shlp.& Ins.ean$1.00n$1.00n$1.00nTotaln^ Check onenFach program comesnwith two 45-minute cassettes,nconvenient phrase dictionary,nin a compact, 6″x7” waterproof vinyl case.nWhich of these 26 languagesnwould you like to speak?n1232628. ARABIC 1232719. INDONESIAN 1232800. SPANISHn1232636. CHINESE 1232727. ITALIANn1232818. SWAHILIn1232644. DANISH 1232735. JAPANESE 1232826. SWEDISHn1232651. DUTCH 1232743. KOREANn1232834. TAGALOGn1366665 FINNISH 1232750. NORWEGIANn(FILIPINO)n1232669. FRENCH 1232768. PERSIANn1363316 THAIn1232677. GERMAN 1300375. POLISHn1232842. TURKISHn1232685. GREEK 1232776. PORTUGUESE 1232859. VIETNAMESEn1232693. HEBREW 1232784. RUSSIANn1232867. ENGLISH FORn1232701. HINDI 1232792. SERBO-nSPANISHnCROATIANnSPEAKERSnn Check or money order enclosednD Please charge this to DVisa DMasterCard DAm. Ex.nAcct.#_ _Exp._nSignature _nSHIP TO:nNamenONLYn$14.95nYOUR 30-DAY, NO-RISKnMONEYBACK GUARANTEEnEvery item you purchase from Barnes & Noble by mail mustnmeet your standards… If not, return it within 30 days forna full refund.nSubtotalnNY., N.J, res. add sales taxnAddress.nONE YEARnCASSETTE WARRANTYnTotaln© 1985 Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Inc.nAVAILABLE BY MAIL ONLYnCity_nstate, Zip_nOffer good only in continental U.S.A.nEducational Services, Wastiington, D.C. warrants the cassettesnof each LANGUAGE/30 course free of defects innmaterials and /or workmanship for a period of 12 monthsnfrom date of purchaseand agrees to repair or replace anyndefective cassette at no charge.nI 1.nnn