that stiootins peooie is a bit ruaenirself,”nOf course, people get assaulted innXesv brk for no reason at all. Tliencontrast between Southern and Northernnathtudes was illustrated a couple ofnyears ago by the case of Mrs. RobertanLeonard, a 65-year-old visitor to thenBig .pple from Svlacauga. Alabama.nShortly after arriving at the Port Authority.’nBus Terminal. Mrs. Leonardnused her cane and a . 32 she happenednto be packing to stand off a welcomingnWho will censor the censors? That is anquestion asked increasingly by librariansnand other defenders of pornographynin the United States. At the Universitynof Wisconsin, at least, we knownthe answer: it is the Board of Regents,nwho recently ordered the UnionnCouncil (a predominantly student organization)nat the Madison campus tonreturn Playboy, Playgirl, and Penthousento the magazine racks of thenstudent unions. The sponsor of thenresolution made use of the old slipperynslope argument: today it’s Playboy,ntomorrow it will be The Nation inot anbad idea, really), “and after that thenNational Revievi’.” In a ringing defensenof academic freedom, he declared,n”We can’t stand idly by while ansmall segment of the communitynmakes a judgment on what is pornographic.n” The counterargument wasnpredictably feminist. One female regentnsuggested that “men’s magazines”nput women in “non-positive situations.”nApparently, Penthouse wouldnbe an appropriate journal to hawk andnvend in state-supported schools fornWisconsin adolescents, if only it putnwomen into positive situations. (Theynget to wear the leather?) You have tonwonder how these people ever graduatednfirom college, much less becamenregents.nMeanwhile, Playboy is mightilynafraid of a conservative backlash, son42/ CHRONWUS OF CULTUREn-•jmmutee or oung .New lorKers whonwanted her pocketbook. When thepolicenarmed. the- arrested nine people.nOne ot them was .Mrs. Leonard,ncharged with carrying a pistol withoutnd permit.nOne of the most interesting things tonemerge from the Bernhard Goetz affairnwas a list of who is licensed to carrynhandguns in New York. It includednthe publisher of the .Veiv York Times.n* * *nFinalK’. last ‘ear saw the trial of anCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSnmuch so that it has written WilliamnBuckley to ask his support. Mr.nBuckley, by his own account, hasnwritten frequendy for Playboy and isnone of the many celebrities that hasnbeen the subject of a Playboy inter-niew. Of course, the interview is thenmost important part of the magazinen—we don’t know anyone who hasnlooked at the rest of it. What was theneditor oi National Review doing in anynpart of a girlie magazine? His explanationnis that as a journalist, he has ann. obligation to seek out audiences. Wenwonder if the argument extends to thenpublications of the KKK and then.merican Nazi Party. But we can trustnthe editor’of Naffonq/ Review to knownwhat he is doing.nThe same might be said of theneditors of the new New Republic, whonrecently discovered that rock music isnfull of pornographic lyrics. What isnmore, the degeneracy in popularnmusic “has to be viewed in the largerncontext of American pop culture.”nDoes this mean we should censor thenainvaves? Of course not. You see, ColenPorter was naughty and Jimmie Rodgersnwas suggestive. Prince may benmore explicit, but his lyrics are onlynsymbolic of a collapse in our “sexualnstandards and community values.”nThis sudden concern with communitynalues is welcome, but why must itnstop short of action? Urban culture innnnc.’iiropractor accusea ot murdering riisnwire. uismeiPiDering her with a chainn.saw, and throwing a miscellan’ otnbody parts into the rier. Relax, Texans:nthe 36-“ear-old bone jocke> hisnwife, and the other woman (namednTerry) were all from Davenport, Iowa.n]ohn Shelton Reed’s hobbies are pitbullnfighting and shotgun practice onnlason jars.nthe U.S. is degenerate, but some measurenof restraint is still exercised in thenrest of the country. Children, beingnthe little animals they are, will alwaysnrespond to the most brutish appealsnwithin a culture. The obvious solutionnis for adults to determine what is goodnfor them and forbid what is not. Thatnis at least part of what it means to be angrown-up. And if there are adults innour society who refuse to grow up,nwell, then it is up to the rest ofnus—even if we were a minority—tonenforce our views, supposing we arenstrong enough. In any event, we havento make the effort. Otherwise, we shallnend up disgruntled liberals, old mennwho “sit and hear each other groan”nabout their impotence. ccnAEfirmative Action Art is all the ragenin California. Recently, the CalifornianArts Council decided that, because ofn”social conditions which have histori-n”” cally denied some groups access to thenmainstream and . . . complicated patternsnof cultural bias,” race-blindnawarding procedures were no longernadequate. A new “cultural outreach”nwas called for with hundreds of thousandsnof dollars especially set apart forn”the state’s underserved ethnic minoritynart groups.” “We want to betternreflect the cultural diversity of thenstate.” explained Paula Leftwich of then