^le^^/i/i ffia/fc/o^j/f G/(/6 Comes to ChicagornHow well do you know your Constitution?rnTake this quiz:rnThe 14th Amendment • Good Idea • Bad IdearnThe 17th Amendment • Good Idea • Bad IdearnThe 18th Amendment • Good Idea • Bad IdearnThe 19th Amendment • Good Idea • Bad IdearnOctober G-7, 2000rnchronicles: A Magazine of American Culture Presents:rnThe 11th Annual Meeting of _-,^ r ^rnTHE JOHN RANDOLPH CLUB “^rnJ J N RANCLI-lrnJoin . . .rnChronicles editor Thomas FlemingrnSyndicated Columnist Samuel FrancisrnNorthwestern University Raoul Bergcr Professor of Legal History Stephen PresserrnChicago radio celebrity and Sun-Times columnist Tom RoeserrnAntiwar.com founder Justin RaimondornMan of letters Bill KauffmanrnOld West scholar and TV star Roger McGrathrn. . . and others as they debatern’The Constitution: A Living Document or a Dead One?’rnTHE CHICAGO ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIONrn12 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUErnCHICAGO, ILLINOISrnLODGINGrnA limited number of rooms are available atrnthe Chicago Athletic Association at a special raternof $130.””/night (single/double occupancy)rnuntil September 13, 2000.rnCall: ( 3 1 2 ) 2 3 6 – 7 5 0 0rnMention the John Randolph ClubrnSpecial Saturday Night DebaternResolved: “A Right to Life Amendment is the solution to the abortion tragedy.’rnN A M K ( S ) (AS IHEY SHOULD APPEAR ON NAME TAGS)rnADDRESSrnFULL REGISTRATION (PANELS, FRIDAY NIGHT RECEPEION AND OPENING ADDRESS, m^ MEMBER @ $ 195.”°”=$_rnSATURDAY NIGHT’ RECEPTION. DINNER, DEBATE, AND SONGFEST) ^ rf, W.rnNON-MEMBER @ $225.”””=$_rnSATURDAY PANELS ONLY (No MtJLS OR RECEPIIONS) MEMBER OR NON-MEMBER . @$ 95.””‘”=$_rnTOTAL, ENCLOSED $_rnI cannot attend the annual meeting, but I would like it to be a success. Enclosed is my contribution of $rnMake checks payable to The John Randolph Club and mail with completed form tornJRC, The Rockford Insdtute, 928 N. Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103rnrnrn