related to voiir readers the stor}’ about thernSerb hospital for the insane where journalistsrnsaid that the Serb doctors hadrnabandoned their Muslim patients to diernraages of war. But that one investigatorrnwas brae enough to investigate diis storyrnhimself, finding that in fact die Serb doctorsrnhad braved the frontlines of war andrnremained to care for Hicir patients, includingrnMuslims. Yoiu’sententium |sic|rnwas that Western journalists, when therntruth is not to their political liking, willrnprint the mth. Unfortunately, Mr.rnFleming, you too arc one Western journalistrnwho when faced widi the truth thatrnis not to vour Political |sie] liking, i.e. politiealhrnincorrect, you too will print thernuntil. Daid Irving, no doubt a fiivoriternhistorian of yours, has said tiiat anyonernwho maintains the myth of Germanrn”gaschambers” is “incorrigible.” Isn’t incorrigibilit)’rnanother one of your “infantilerndisorders?”rnI want to say too tiiat by PropagatingrnI sic] the Polish/Bolshcvik/Zionist lie ofrnthe German gaschambers, you arc promotingrnthe present German governmentrnwhich you and your political associatesrnhate so much. ‘I’liis German governmentrnpenalizes Germans and other nationalitiesrnwho discount tiiis lie, puttingrnsuch people like [sic] Frank Tobeii, anrnAustalian |sic| into prison, and seekingrnthe extradition of the above mentionedrnGerniar Rudolf from Fngland. ThomasrnFleming, you are helping your friends atrnthe ADL and the German regime torncjuasli freedom of speech and nationrnstate. Perhaps it would be ironic if tiicrntrurii about Germany’s treatinent of Jewsrnand other people, and the truth about thernNuremberg trials and F.isenhower’s fulfillingrnof the “Morgenthau Plan” wouldrnpropel the German Republicans to politicalrnpower and severely destabilize thisrnGerman regime and its plans to rule F,urope.rnPerhaps {{Chronicles promoted therntruth rather than the eliains of the leftrnthat shackle the minds of Germans, anti-rnGermans would be sending the train tornBerlin carrying the virus of its destruction,rnjust as the Germans sent die trainrnearrsing Lenin to St. Petersburg,rnOh I wanted to tell ou too that in ‘ourrnforward to Dr. Trifkovie’s book, you forgotrnto put cjuotation marks around GroatianrnAtrocities [siej the way you putrnthem around Polish atrocities. All thingsrnbeing et[ual.rn— LukeEckrichrnCloverdak, INrnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSrnA L GORE and George W. Bush have arnlot in common: They’re both spoiled richrnbos and sons of famous politicians; bothrnare parh’ animals. I thought it could notrnget an worse, but I was wrong. The firstrnrule of American politics is tiiat it can al-rn\as get worse and usualK’ docs.rnBorii Gore and Bush were challengedrnb- tiie left wings of their parties: Gore,rnby Mr. Basketball Jones himself, Billrn15radle-, who wanted to put his personalrnrace obsession at the top of the Americanrnagenda and to socialize wliateer sectorsrnof economic life were still in privaternhands; Bush, by the reform-mindedrnfriend of Gharles Keating and Joe Bonnano,rna divorced philanderer who offeredrnhimself as tiie moral alternative tornBill Glinton.rnJohn McGain’s worst liabilih’ was notrnhis siiiarm’ hypoerisv—he is, after all, arnmember of Gongress — but his nicgalomaniaernforeign policy: Grank up the warrnmachines, arm the Muslims against thernChristians, destabilize Russia.rnAs if to prove just liov^ unstable he is,rnMcCain not only campaigned for thernDemocratic vote — against his own partirn—but at a key point in his campaign, herndenounced tiie so-called Religious Right,rnwhich is his parti’s core. Jerry Falwcllrnand Pat Robertson deserve criticism forrndie Christian Coalition’s suicidal supportrnfor Bush senior and Bob 13ole, but a priniarrncani]5aigii is not the proper occasionrnfor a self-criticism session. Whateverrnelse it niav’ liac aeconi]3lislied, McCain’srncandidacy will certainly strengtiienrnthe influence of tiie Christian rightrno’cr the GOP, and it may even costrnGeorge W. Bush tiie election.rntil die end, nearly every state outsiderndie regional lunatic asylum known asrnNew England went for Bush. In fiet, tiiernBush people should not have worriedrnabout McCain: Once Bill Kristol andrnCo. decided to back the Arizona senator.rnBush was a sure thing. In an hilarious attemptrnto reiiieiit the candidate, tiie editorsrnof die Weekly Standard ]3ortraved tiiernaging and grumpy liberal as a dvnamiernpopulist outsider who was “taking on tiicrnGOP establishment. . . . | Fie | makes tiierncorporate and lobbyist types nervous.”rn/bout what —that he might want tornsqueeze more out of them?rnMr. Kristol has a perfect batting averagernof .000, both in primaries and in generalrnelections. Prom f^aii Quayle to C^olinrnPowell to Steve Forbes to Bob Dole,rnthe ncocons always know liov to pick arnloser—and tiiey do it with such st’le. Mterrnthe New Hampshire primary, thernWeekly Standard’s editors were dribblingrntheir formula down their bibs, cooingrnover die new Republican front-runner.rnNot so long ago, they were going platinumrnon their airline mileage, flyingrndown to Austin to cut deals witii the governor.rnMr. Bush, apparently, is his father’srnson, and while welcoming neoconservativernsupport—just as he welcomedrnthe support of Bob Jones, III, in SoudirnCarolina —he apparcntiy did not promisernto make Kristol II the secretaiy of staternor John Podhoretz chairman of the nationalrnphysical fitiiess program. Disappointed,rntile neoeons took the first opportunih’rnthey had for stabbing tiieir adoptedrnpart}’ in tiie back.rnWliat did they expect? When MidgernDecter called Bush senior an antisemite,rnthe ncoconservatives either backed herrnup or stared at tiicir feet in embarrassedrnsilence. Most of them knew the poorrnwoman had been off her rocker since tiiern60’s, but they could not afford to alienaterneitiier her or her equally Christopliobicrnhusband. Flie Kristol-Podhoretz circlernhas, over the ears, accused not onlyrnGeorge Bush and Pat Buchanan of antisemitism,rnbut even the Pope. What Republicanrnin his right mind would everrntrust them after their embarrassing displaysrnof intemperance and bad manners?rnWho but Rupert Murdoch could everrnpay attention to tiieir political analysis?rnEven Murdoch may be getting cold feet,rnsince rumor has it that the Weekly Standard’srneditors have been told tiiat he willrnpull die plug if riiey cannot raise tiie publication’srncirculation to a respectable level.rnRumor also has it tiiat another leadingrniieocon montiily is up for sale because itsrnhigh-living, big-spending editor failed torndeliver on a ridiculous promise to unhorsernBill Clinton.rnWho says we are too melancholic? Allrnin all, tiie millennium is shaping up nicely.rn— I’homas Fleming’rnMAY 2000/5rnrnrn