troleum and mining engineers, surveyors,rnphysicists, mathematicians, the clergy,rnreporters and correspondents, computerrnoperators, fishermen, hunters andrntrappers, forestry and logging, mechanics,rnmachinists, precision assemblers,rntool-and-die makers, welders, textile andrnapparel workers, shoe and leather workers,rnand rail transport occupations — inrnother words, the kinds of jobs that make arnnation self-sufficient.rnThe forced merger of Americans’ standardrnof living with that of one billionrnworldwide unemployed and billionsrnmore in the Third World who slave for arnfew dollars a day will not fulfill the “everyrnman a king” philosophy of the old Americanrnlabor movement. This is why it is sornimportant for those who desire this mergerrnto sever the generational memor}’ linkrnand replace it with —nothing. In a word,rnmulticulturalism.rnContran.’ to Goals 2000’s prattle aboutrn”excellence,” “technology,” and “higherorderrnthinking,” the economy of Oneworldrnwill require a mere handful ofrnprogramming and managerial brains;rnbelow them, a large stratum of militarizedrnbureaucratic enforcers; and finally,rna mass of manipulable, deracinatedrngeneric “labor”—with a tiny elite leveragingrneverything from without. The consolidationrnof wealth in our time grantsrnthe power to shake and shift the wholernworld to a small international elite.rnWhile labor unions are weaker thanrnever and may lose what’s left of their politicalrnclout through “campaign financernreform,” human labor qua labor is facedrnwith its greatest threat yet. Rather thanrndenounce organized labor, conservativesrnneed to recognize that it is the best allyrnwe have against those who would destroyrnnational sovereignty and other protectionsrnagainst globalist tyranny. We needrna new international labor movement.rnNot “Workers of the World, Unite!” butrnthe proletarianized middle classes of thernWest organizing themselves to resist therndestruction of the forms of politicalrnsovereignty that protect them, and offeringrnone another moral support in thernprocess.rnSchool-to-Work is not the only threat.rnThe school science curriculum nowrnconsists of Saving the Earth 101: Recycling,rnPollution, Preserving the Rainforest,rnand Global Warming. No attempt isrnmade to convey scientific concepts; itrnis enough to learn to posture correctlyrnwhenever the elite—a very well-fundedrnamateur scientific body, expert (in itsrnown opinion) in the Laws of Nature—attemptsrnto justify its grasping, willful waysrnby telling us what we must give up next.rnThus science becomes a kind of courtierrnembellishment, a bag of magic tricks thatrn”prove” such things as the need for morernfederal taxes and regulations to controlrn”global warming.”rnActual scientists are alarmed at the devolutionrnof science instruction. Earlierrnthis year, a group of 30 California scientistsrnand teachers led by three Nobel laureatesrnoffered to write the state some K-rn12 science standards for free—but werernrejected in favor of a group of the usualrnsuspects, whom the state hired forrn$178,000.rnGlenn Seaborg, co-discoverer of severalrnuranium-related chemical elements,rnwarned in the laureate group’s proposalrnto California that “our citizens lack arndepth of understanding even of the implicationsrnto society of rapid scientificrnprogress, and our college-bound highrnschool graduates lack the most rudimentaryrnpreparation for careers in the naturalrnsciences…. Educational content is continuallyrndiluted in a failed effort to producernpalatable bits of information forrnprogressively less skilled students.”rnTests administered by the National AssessmentrnGoverning Board in 1997rnshowed 33 percent of American fourthgradersrnhave a “below basic” grasp of scientificrnconcepts, with the proportion risingrnto 40 percent by eighth grade and 43rnpercent by 12th grade. No more thanrnthree percent of any state’s student bodyrnperformed at the advanced level. Boysrnslightly outperformed girls in 12th grade,rnbut not in the lower grades, which indicatesrnthat science instruction is being tinkeredrnwith to boost girls and hobble bovs,rnjust as has been done with mathematics.rnThe latest report of the Third InternationalrnMathematics and Science Study,rnreleased in February, shows this clearly:rnthe United States was one of only threernnations without a significant gender gaprnin “general math knowledge” amongrn12th graders. We also ranked last, belowrn20 European nations, in phvsics and advancedrnmath —though we did beat outrnCyprus and South Africa in “math andrnscience literacy.” Such is the price ofrngender equity.rnAside from this never-ending quest tornmake girls and minorities look as good asrnor (ideally) better than white males academically,rnthere is another reason for therncontinual dilution of the math and sciencerncurriculum: now that all thosernsmart dames who used to go into teachingrnenjoy a bevy of other career options,rnthe profession is full of hacks whorn”teach” math and science and yet couldrnnot pass a mid-level course in any branchrnof either. One-third of high school mathrnteachers and one-fifth of high school sciencernteachers—and a full half of thosernteaching physical sciences—neither majoredrnnor minored in their field.rnSo what exactly are these teachersrnteaching our kids to do? First of all, to eatrnanything but meat. Schoolchildren arerntrained to accept a diet radically differentrnfrom that of their parents. Thev are fedrnchocolate-covered ants and grasshoppersrnby zealous activists during special events.rnTheir Weekly Reader runs scary storiesrnabout mad cow disease and regularlyrnbeats the drums about Americans’ wastefulrneating habits. The number of gradeschoolrnchildren who have (at leastrntemporarily) decided it’s cool to be vegetarianrnis growing at a record rate.rnArcher Daniels Midland, Supermarketrnto the World, runs an ad that asks,rn”When there are 20 billion at the table,rnthe question will not be, ‘Where willrnthey sit?’ but ‘Wliat will they eat?'” Onrnthe minimum Oneworld wage our childrenrnare slated to get, the answer is definitelyrnnot red meat.rnSchoolchildren are also being taughtrnthe very metric system rejected repeatedlyrnby their elders. Lessons and homeworkrnare expressed in metric, and the usernof metric is required in order to pass unitrntests. None of the dire prophecies ofrn”America’s inability to compete” in arnworld economy gone metric has come tornpass, but it is the principle of the thing forrnthe Oneworlders: they have decreed thatrnmetric is the One Best Way, and so wernshall accept it or else.rnOrganized science has quit followingrnthe Christian calendar, employing insteadrnsuch terms as BP (Before Present)rnand BCE (Before Current Era) to daterngeologic and astronomic events; andrnbusiness may use the so-called “MillenniumrnBug” as an excuse to drop Christianrndating altogether. Give them a centimeter,rnand they’ll take a kilometer.rn”Oh Russia, my wooden Russia! /1 amrnyour last poet,” lamented Sergei Esenin.rn”Ancient mysterious world of mine, /rnYou quietened like a wind blown out.”rnBut ah (as Esenin might have written),rninto that silenced vacuum of extinguishedrnfolkways oozes Global Culture,rnby default. The official food of the NewrnWodd Order is pizza, the official sport isrnSEPTEMBER 1998/45rnrnrn