TAKE ANY 3 FOR $1 EACHnPlus a 4th at the low Members’ Price.nNO RISK, NO COMMITMENT.nNAPOLEONnHITLERnTUC •nJOURNEY*!nBACKnwmnHEILn,.jiOral History- ,nI UBiverealKjiis –nI with GoncBnttatlon’n’ CampSurvivoren’ ANTON Grirn1719.$22.50/$17.95 1891.$19.95/$14.95 1875. $22.95/$18.50 2121.$22.95/$17.50n• RurAmericsn spesnthewrves they leH betindnand1fieKGEfeCTP(*ignof Amaxan ilBigenoenmiUMUGORSONnsusmMmnDnJOSEPH iLIKHIOn2345. $24.95/$18.50nADAM,M,ANDnTHfSERlWInELAINE D«ISn(igBwgl IHHWJSWfWSW*n7526. S1795/$15.50nW H E NnH t A V i NnA M D ‘nfi A K T Kn< H A N ft I DnPL. E In^p ^y Tfetfi/ip aidli ^^ WuHinJ^CCassicaLnQre^n2162. $27:50/$21.50nA BRIGHTnSHffllNGLIEnJohn Paul >yn andnAmerica in VietnamnNEILSHEEHANn1495. $24.g5/S18.50n2675. $31 50/$21.50 ‘nROOTS ‘/nENGLISHnl,^„.ll,„.l, ,.l .o,,! , ^n.r.JM,. ,1nR O B K R TnCl.AlBORME”n2261,$18.95/$15.50 r “2428. $21.95/$16.50’••” 1792. $22.95/$18.50n(Firstprice is publisher’s list. Boldface is Members’tPrice.)’ ,.n! ^nHistory Bookclub^nCamp Hill, PA 17012-8805nPlease enroll me in History Book Club according to the no-risk, no commitmentn.terms outlined in the accompanying ad. Send me the four booksnwhose numbers I have listed below. Bill me $1 each for the 3 choices on thenleft, and’the fourth at the low Members’ Price-plus shipping and handling.n. r H631-2-0nNampns; •• •;!:••;:’n• -ynt •, ‘ . • ,V .^ (Please print clearly.) – •:nArtrirpRR •• 1 i :4′– • _ V’ ‘:nDityn-, a.,:••’-•n-*.s atp •••:•nHereherefivesttien(bsnabdunansbirynofPKiiectApollanEARTHSnsnOlKKOBtn1735. $21.95/$17.50 1925. $22.95/$17.50nC.IRBOX’n2659, $22 95/$17.95 ,•,;, 2022. $24.95/$18.95nEYE-::^:nWITNESSnHISTOKyn•6007. $24.95/$17.95 vn1933. $18.95/$15.95 9282. $22 50/$16.95 2410. $19.95/$16.95 1081. $24.95/$18.95n-nApt *nZip •n’ AH orders subject to approval. Prices generally higher in Canada.nI „ ^ , ,” -©1990 History Bookclub, Inc.. ‘• • ‘ .- |n0-13nHITLERnIMMTHrOPOiHEIInCHBEES 88BCEIEIInftODOn1701. $24.95/$18.95 1396.$29.95/$21.95n^..-v^’it.’nnnA BRIEFnHISTORY OFnTIME 7 1nFROM; :, • • • :nTHE BIG;- ; r ••:'” inBANG TO ,;•- ‘nBLACK -;iinSTEPHENnW.HAWKIIMGn3087. $18.95/$16.50n.’ Save on the best recent history titles.n•No matter what area of history you enjoy reading about most, you’llnfind that History Bool< Club offers some of the finest selections tieingnpublished today. And no book club we know offers greater savih^sasnmuch as 30% off publishers’ list prices.nYou can save even more by taking advantage of our IntroductorynOffer Select any three books on this page for $1 each when you takena fourth book at the low Members’ Price-plus shipping and haridling.nThereafter, you’re not obligated to order any more books. You mayncancel membership at any time by notifying History Book Club, Wenmay cancel your membership if you elect not to buy at least one booknin any six-month period.nHow the Club works. You’ll be able to choose from 150 to 200nbooks featured each month. History Book Club always offers itsnmembers well-made, long-lasting editions.nYou’ll receive our Review and a dated Reply Form 14 times a yearn(about every 4 weeks), plus up to 4 more offers of special selections.nIf you want the “Editors’ Choice,” do nothing-the book will comenautomatically. If you want another book, or no books at all, return thenReply Form by the date specified. A shipping and handling charge isnadded to each shipment.nYour HBC guarantee: If you receive an unwanted “Editors’nChoice” because you had less than 10 days to decide, simply returnnit and pay nothing. • • ,^n