REUVEIHE SHININ6 HMESnOF THE MOUNTAIN MENnSPEOAL NOTICEn• The three Terry Johnston novels are each selfcontainednhistorical novels of the RockynMountain fur trade. Each can be readnseparately, or as part of the 3-volume saga.n• Each book is sold on a moneybacknguaranteed basis – if you are not completelynsatisfied, just return the book within 30 daysnfor a prompt and courteous refund, nonquestions asked.nFREE WITHnEVERY ORDERnAcross the ShiningnMountains by ChristiannMcCord ($18.95 cloth).nThe absorbing saganof the Wyeth Expeditionnto Oregon in then1830s.nA Selection of thenPreferred ChoicenBook Club.nJust published, with two big printings, TerrynJohnston’s bestselling novel ONE-EYEDnDREAM “captures the spirit of the mountainnnnen…is full of unforgettable adventure…andnstudded with gems of description” says THEnROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS.nCome ride along with Titus Bass and JosiahnPaddock through South Park and Old Taos.nFight to the death against Arapaho, Pawnee,nand runaway buffalo across the Great Plains.nStand with them in duels in Old St. Louis andnat Bent’s Fort…nJohnston’s third novel of the fur trade will keepnyou turning pages on into the night. In factnwe guarantee you will say it’s one of the bestnbooks you’ve ever read, or we will refund thenpurchase price in full.nSee Special Notice and Order Form.nThe Frontier Library ^ 800-426-1357nP.O. Box 738, Ottawa, IL 61350 815-434-7905n(In Illinois)nPlease send the following books:n#1 CARRY THE WIND (18.95)n#2 BORDERLORDS (14.95)n#3 ONE-EYED DREAM (19.95)nTHREE VOLUME SET (50.00)nEnclosed is my check for $nPlease charge mynNo.nSignaturenNamenAddressnVISA MASTERCARDn_ ExpnCity State_ Zip-nAnd please also send me a FREE copy ofnyour $18.95 hardcover novel ACROSSnTHE SHINING MOUNTAINSnAll books are shipped postage paid.nIllinois residents please add 6% sales tax.nCCXOED1 Allow 4 weeks for delivery.nnn