DON’T LET THEM G OrnUNOPPOSED!rnOr They’ll Control The Campus Debate. The universities still don’t get the picture.rnThey think students of the nineties still want tornhear the tiresome rhetoric of the sixties. And inrnmost schools that’s all students get when itrncomes to guest lecture programs.rnBut students bold enough to take action tornbalance their education can do something aboutrnit. With help from Young America’s Foundation,rnthey can bring speakers to their campuses whornwill have a powerful impact on the intellectualrnlife of their schools. Last April 20 thernFoundation helped University of North Carolinarnstudents to host a lecture by William F.rnBuckley The event drew 1,700 students,rntwice the number attracted byrnJesse Jackson in the same hall justrntwo weeks earlier. At Florida StaternUniversity on February 26 Young America’srnFoundation sponsored Oliver North for an audiencernof 1,100, the best attended lecture of thernyear on that campus.rnWhether the speaker is Phyllis Schlafly,rnWalter Williams, Dinesh D’Souza, or RobertrnNovak, a speaker sponsored by Young America’srnFoundation is often the best attended lecture onrncampus.rnSo don’t let your administrators or facultyrntell you that students don’t want to hear conservativernspeakers and ideas. And don’t let HillaryrnClinton, Jesse Jackson, Anita Hill, and TedrnKennedy control the campus debaternby default. Join the battle to bringrnVrM iir Ah/rPQjrA’c balance to college campuses. CallrnXUUNL. /^VltKdLA b Young America’s Foundation todayrnEM. Kirby Freedom Centerrn110 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 22070rn703-318-9608rnrnrn