FTnJanuarynEducation—AssumptionsnVersus HistorynThomas SowellnThe central theme of these essays is thatnsociety cannot educate on the basis ofnmere assumptions, but must test even ournmost cherished beliefs against the facts.nThe common refrain of these writings isnthe extent to which the various innovationsnand buzzwords of education havenignored voluminous evidence of theirnvalidityJ3r—more often—lack of validity.n$ 8 . 9 5 ISBN []-«(7′)-.s’//2-S (iwcr)nSoviet Defectors:nThe KGB Wanted ListnVladislav KrasnovnWho defects? When? How? Dr. Krasnov’snpath-breaking study analyzes the patternsnof defection. He argues that whenevernpublic attention is drawn to somethingnthat the Soviet government would rathernhide (as it hides evidence of defection) thenpublic is the winner, as its understandingnof the USSR increases.n$16.95 ISBN 0-SI7′)-s2J!-0nFebruarynApprenticenRevolutionaries:nThe CommunistnMovement in Laos,n1930-1985nMacAlisier Brown and Joseph ]. ZasloffnWith the first decade of communist rule innLaos drawing to a close, Drs. Brown andnZasloff analyze the historical roots of thenmovement and its relationship to otherncommunist states in Indochina.n$13.95 !5BN ^l-^’//^’-^•/22-5 (pupvr)nThe BulgariannCommunist Party fromnBlagoev to ZhivkovnJohn D. BellnToday, the best-known fact about the BulgariannCommunist Party (BCP) is that it isnallegedly linked to KGB terrorist activities.nIs the BCP merely a Soviet puppet, or hasnit retained some elements of Bulgariannnational culture?n$ 9 . 9 5 ISBN 0-!