the full citation from Sakharov’s “four-stage plan forncooperation”:nSaving mankind from the threat of thermonuclearndestruction undoubtedly takes priority over all othernproblems. But this task cannot be separated fromnother problems of a political, economic, humanitarian,nand ethical nature—and above all from thenquestions of the openness of a society, ofninternational trust, and overcoming the disunity ofnthe West. Any real solution to the problem ofndisarmament must include (a) a perfected system ofnverification, including inspections; (b) a reductionnof armaments on the basis of parity to a sufficientlynlow level (this refers both to negotiations onnlimiting the strategic weapons of the superpowersnand to regional negotiations); (c) elimination of thenfactors contributing to the arms race; and (d) eliminationnof the factors fostering strategic instability.nIn contrast to the simpleminded, one-sided proposals extendednby Lown and Chazov, Sakharov’s position strikes anrational, multilateral balance that stamped him as annenemy of the Soviet Union and a pariah to Americannunilateralists who could not bring themselves to considernSoviet power as no less—and in all likelihood more—of anproblem to nuclear disengagement than American strength.nThe actual text of the 1973 letter denouncing Sakharovnsigned by Chazov deserves to be quoted in full. For only innthis way can the magnitude of the task in reaching a nuclearnrapprochement across political-ideological barriers be properlynevaluated.nWe, Soviet medical scientists, are outraged bynAcademician A.D. Sakharov’s behavior, which is andiscredit to the honor and dignity of a Sovietnsciendst, and, together with scientists of thenAcademy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., resolutelyncondemn his activity aimed against the SovietnUnion’s peaceful policy. Academician A.D.nSakharov’s irresponsible statements to foreignncorrespondents and his slander against our peoplenand the Soviet Government’s foreign and domesticnpolicy have made us feel indignant. We, , .nrepresentatives of the most humane profession, havendevoted our lives and activity to the struggle fornpublic health. Any statement aimed against thenstrengthening of peace and the easing ofn