which are in fact homicides—which Justice Harry Blackmunrnhas on his conscience now exceeds the number of peoplernexterminated by Adolf Hitler by a factor of five or more. YetrnBlackmun retired with honor and not long ago was even givenrnan honorary doctorate by Harvard University, the stock ofrnthe Puritans, it seems, now having been safely and legallyrnterminated.rnThere are offenses that may be limited to verbal abuse, butrneven these merit, in the public eye, condemnation. For severalrnof them, it is taken for granted that they will not be enduredrnpolitely and with courtesy. We have words for those individualsrnand groups that commit such lesser offenses (for prejudicernand verbal abuse, unless translated into deeds, are surely lessrnevil than homicide). Advocating segregation by race or by sex,rnopposing affirmative action, and condemning homosexual actsrnall merit name-calling: racists, male chauvinists, homophobes.rnDo African-Americans feel it their duty to be civil to a whiternwho regularly refers to them as “niggers”? Do not Jews, and notrnonly Jews, find it difficult to engage in courteous discussionrnwith anti-Semites? Passing from verbal offenses to acts, childrnabusers frequently have to be protected in penitentiaries fromrnother prisoners, who consider such behavior to be deserving ofrndeath without remission.rnWhy should those who know what aborfion is be civil andrncourteous to those who advocate such homicide of the unborn,rnand even to those who practice it? One is reminded of formerrnCanadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. When Quebec separatistsrn”executed” a member of the government, Trudeau, unlikernsome of his American homologues, would not accept thernself-justifying word “execution”: this can be called nothing butrn”un lache assassinat,” a cowardly murder.rnAs an occasional participant in or witness of pro-life demonstrations,rnI have heard obscene abuse —usually contentless,rnnon-specific cursing —hurled at praying demonstrators byrnthose who call themselves “pro-choice.” Those who kill arernkillers, even if they do it under the cloak of legality. Surelyrnthere are times when it is inappropriate or unwise to hurl thernterm “killers” at abortion advocates. But there are times whenrnthe words must fit the facts. “The usual language, terminationrnof pregnancy, cannot conceal the fact that abortion is a homicidalrnact.”rnN,rnThe ‘^egnery jCecturesrnamed in honor of Rockford Institute board member and longtime supporter Henry Regnery, this seriesrncaptures for posterity the voices and words of important cultural and political figures.rnEach tape costs $12.50, shipping and handling charges included.rn”Let My People Go! Returning Self-Rule to Rockford” featuring Thomas Fleming and U.S.rnCongressman Don Manzullo on the Rockford school desegregation lawsuitrn”The Floundering Free Society, or Wisdom Vanquished by Expertise” by John Howardrn”Fighting and Winning the Culture War: Reports from Three Fronts”rnfeaturing Allan Carlson on Family, Harold O.J. Brown on Religion, Thomas Fleming on Culturern”What Ever Happened to Civilization?” by John Howardrn”The Rockford Institute’s Twentieth Anniversary Dinner” featuring Chilton Williamson, Jr.,rnon “It Takes an Institute,” Harold O.J. Brown on “Western Civilization Between Chaos andrnTransformation,” and Allan Carlson’s “Reflections at Twenty Years”rn”To Hell With Culture: What Is It That We Must Conserve?” by John Lukacsrn”Should Conservatives Leave the RepubUcan Party?”—a debate betweenrnHoward Phillips and David KeenernNo. OF TAPES X $ 12.50 PER TAPE = $rnOuantiturn•rnQrnUrnLJ •rnJiairn^ddressrnSend ad with check or money order, payable to “Thf? ‘t{pckford Institute,” to The I^egnery .Cectures,rnThe Ijockford Institute, 928 X Main St., Ijockford, IJjeU03-7061rn16/CHRONICLESrnrnrn