littroducing…The NewsnMagazine of the 1990snP ollsnshow that most Americansnare fed up with the arrogant,nexploitive tactics of the mediangiants. Time, CBS, and the rest ofnthe entrenched media establishment havenaccelerated their campaign to brandnAmericans as ignorant and out of step ifnthey do not accept gun control andnmassive defense cuts. ITiey label asn”homophobes” all who disagree with thenmilitant homosexual agenda, and smearnAmericans who dare to stand up forntraditional values as extremists or fanatics.nWith special interest groups acting asnthe accusers and their allies in the newsnmedia taking on the role of prosecutor,njudge, and jury, traditional Americannvalues and institutions are being tried,nconvicted, and “executed” through thenmedia on a scale never before seen.nWhether it be the trumped up chargesnagainst Andy Rooney, the demoralizingnassaults on the National Rifle Associationnor the vicious media-fueled attack onnJudge Robert Bork, this “iron triangle”—nas Ronald Reagan so aptiy called it—stopsnat nothing to silence any opposition.nOn an ever-widening array of criticalnissues, the media has shown itself to benfar more interested in skillfully marketingnits favored political ideologies andnprograms—much as Madison Avenuenmarkets products and services—than withnpresenting all the facts.nIndeed, a new “Cold War” is nownraging. It’s a media war of images andnwords, a war of marketing and persuasion. -nTTie target—^jowr values, and jyowr rights.nYou are not alone in this ^it for yournrights. You have an eSty in the media.nIt seems, in this raging media war fornthe hearts and minds of Americans, thatnthe nation’s majority of hard-workingncitizens are without a national media thatnwill stand up and champion their valuesnand interests. Yet, in 1990, at perhaps thenmost critical time in this devastatingnassault on America, a powerful medianplayer has walked onto the informationnbatflefield, and is taking America by storm.nNew Dimensions Magazine is beingnhailed as the only major, mass circulation,nnational newsmagazine that not onlynreflects mainstream American values, butnthat aggressively trounces upon thosenwho, until now, have ridden roughshodnover Americans’ psyches and sensibilities.nTnime magaane’s circulation hasndropped drastically over the lastnyear, due to its increasingly strangenand off-base editorial viewpoints,nwhich many Americans find offensive.nFortunately, New Dimensions is rapidlynfilling the information void created by anmedia largely out of touch with thenAmerican mainstream. Time’s formernreaders are coming over to NewnDimensions in droves. ND is on sale at overn20,000 newsstands in all 50 states, Canada,nand most of Europe.nSubtitled “The Psychology Behind thenNews,” ND combines hard-hitting investigativennews coverage with fascinatingnin-depth psychological examination.nWhether the issue be East-West relations,nyouth gangs, corporate stress, gunncontrol, AIDS, or national defense,nNew Dimensions covers it all—uncut andnuncensored. ND’s nationally-recognizednwriters and experts are refreshingly clear,nand they don’t pull punches.n”If you need in-depth analysis in an easynto read and concise fashion, NewnDimensions is for you.”n—U.S. CongressmannWilliam DannemeyernBATTLEGROUND AMERICA:nAlmiiott, Gay Riglit, NiiHnnal Difense, Gun Q»ttrii(, Educalicii, and the Media. .nCOIDnWMSnSincr- thi” iitCOs, prop^frK-ivt.- litx-ralbJu’s wiccesiM “SecondnAiiKTTcan KMt>lutiilinK- as the ptilirirul n^\. itniiarr^ for Ihf hallle of its lifr.nAt your local newsstandnThe June special issue, entifled ‘ThenNew Cold War” has been called the mostninsightful and hard-hitting expose’ of thenliberal marketing war on traditionalnAmerican rights and institutions ever tonhit the mass marketplace.nPick up a copy oiNeiv Dimensions atnyour local newsstand, or better yet,nsubscribe through this special offer, andnyou win not only receive 12 power-packednmonthly issues oiNew Dimensions at anreduced rate, but you will also receive antree gift—n”Hats off to New Dimensions. AsnNew Dimensions widely acclaimednAmerica enters the 1990s, it is encouraging special issue, ‘The New Cold War.” Tonto know that there is a straight-shooting, subscribe, use the order form below,nno-nonsense news source for grass roots or dial toU free 1-800-877-3227 withnAmerica. Watch out Time and Newsweek!” your VISA or MasterCard handy.n—U.S. Congressman Robert Domann, YES! I want a subscription to New Dimensions. Enclosed is my payment for .nI $23.95 (normally $36). I understand that in addition to 12 monthly issues, I will |nI receive the special “New Cold War” issue—absolutely FREE with my paid •nsubscription. *nI Name Address^ InI City. _State_ .Zip_nSend to: New Dimensions, P.O. Box 811, Grants Pass, OR 97526,nOr call toll free: 1-800-877-3227 with your VISA or MasterCard.nFree Offer Expires 9-30-90. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery CH1552380nnn