MORE THAN EVERrnConservative Students Need To Be PreparedrnTo Defend Their Beliefs On Campusrn”I always enjw spejiking to thernNational Conservative StudentrnConference sponsored by YoungrnAmerica’s Foundation. Thernenthusiasm of the students andrnthe stn-iinih of the Foundation’srnpn)j;i-am> iiive me added opfimi>rnni jhiuii [III’ luture ot amserv.rniiJsMi in llii- l’)’iii>.”rn—Senator Phil GraminrnThe National ConservativernStudent Conference bringsrncollege students to Washington,rnD.C. to explore conservativernideas, public policy issues, andrnstrategies for surviving onrncampus. Students meet withrncongressmen, leaders of thernconservative movement, andrnalso get to know other rightmindedrnstudents from acrossrnthe country. The conferencernequips students to return torntheir campuses with articulaternand effective defenses ofrnconservative beliefs.rnYOUNG AMERICASrnFOUNDATIONrnpresents thernWhAnnualrnNationalrnConservativernStudentrnConferencernWASHINGTON, DCrnJuly 25-311993rn1992 CONFERENCE SPEAKERSrnJACK KEMPrnDINESH DSOUZArnCONG. ROBERT DORNANrnJEFFREY HARTrnEDWIN MEESErnRUSSELL KIRKrnPHIL GRAMMrnALSO:rnA PRIVATE WHITE HOUSE BRIEFINGrnCONGRESSIONAL BRIEFINGrnYOUNG AhAEKicAsrnF. M. Kirby Freedom Centerrn110 Elden .Street.’ Henidon. Virginia ‘rn1-800-292-9231rn!070rnpf”rn5^-rn”The speakers were the ‘DreamrnTeam’ of conservative thought!”rn-Studentrn”I feel it was the best exjieriencernI was eer involved in….lrncan go back to my colk’ge campusrnand share those ideas.”rn–StudentrnSPECIALrn15th ANNIVERSARYrnBANQUETrnopen tornconference alumnirnand the public,rncall Young America’srnFoundationrnfor reservationsrnFor further information about the conference and an application, clip and mail tornYoung America’s Foundation, or call our toll free number 1-800-292-9231.rnNamern-Address _rnCitv- State _ZiP_rnrnrn