A iMPOitrAxr M:W BOOK O TIU: liTiniirnOF FIJI (ATI0 i out DliMOCIlACYrnEducationrnand Democracy:rnRe-imaginingrnLiberal Learningrnin America -.J S?-;rn’^A wonderfully timely celebration andrnrevisiting of Dewey and the pragmatic tradition.”rn—Howard Gardner, Harvard Graduate School of Educationrn^^An invaluable, fresh approach to addressingrncurrent concerns about the goals and strategiesrnof liberal education.”rn—Thomas Bender, New York Universityrn$22.95 (paperback) 005899, $29.95 (hardcover) 005880rnFor credit card orders call: (800) 323-7155 (ask for dept. X50), ^PHh T h e College Boardrnor visit our Web Site at: http://Y/WW.COllegdiOard.Org ^ ^ ^ Educational ExceUence for AU studentsrnrnrn