CHRONICLES’ BACK ISSUES, TAPES, AND BOOKSrnOn EducationrnHOMESCHOOLING FOR LIFE—September 1999—Mary Pride on two futures forrnAmerican education, Andrei Navrozov on his son tlie sociopath, and Scott P. Richert onrnhomeschooling in Rockford, Illinois. Plus Thomas Fleming on the revival of the classicalrncurriculum, J.O. Tate on Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign, Michael McMahon on staterneducation in England, and Janet Scott Barlow on Bill Clinton and his defenders.rnBack Issue#: T999 $7.00rnREBUILDING OUR SCHOOLS-^eptember 1998—Thomas Heming argues that itrntakes a village to educate a child, Joyce B. Haws documents the judicial takeover of publicrnschools. Rep. Greg Kaza examines the Michigan model of school-funding, and LisarnGraham Keegan and Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr, square off over vouchers. Plus DouglasrnWilson on why evangelical colleges aren’t.rnBack Issue #:T989 $7.00rnEDUCATION AND THE AMERICAN ELITE—September 1997—John Lukacsrnsays “To Hell With College,” George Watson on elitism and its virtues, J.O. Tate on thernreign of “red diaper” babies in academe, and Herb London on parietals past and present.rnPlus Richard Wilbur on good manners and good literature, and Scott Southworth on thernforced funding of student radicalism.rnBack Issue #:T979 $7.00rnBATTLE OF THE BOOKS: MULTICULTURALISM AND EDUCATION—rnSeptember 1996—Thomas Reming on the latest assault on the classics, Zbigniew Herbertrnon the significance of T.S. Eliot, George Garrett on the legacy of Shakespeare, GeorgernWatson on the multiculturalist case, and Harold O.J. Brown on the Bible, past and present.rnPlus Aaron Steelman on compulsory attendance laws.rnBack Issue #:T969 $7.00rnMULTICULTURALISM AND EDUCATION—September 1995—Mary Lefkowitzrnon Afrocentrist mythology, Jacob Neusner on the ghetto of Jewish studies, Nicholas Stixrnon black English, Charles King on multiculturalism in theory and practice, and JonathanrnChaves on true Asian studies. Plus Derek Turner on the British right and J.O. Tate’s reviewrnof Ann Douglas’s Terrible Honesty: Mongrel Manhattan in the 1920’s.rnBack Issue #:T959 $7.00rnAFTER LITERACY: EDUCATION IN POSTCIVILIZED AMERICA—Septemberrn1994—^John Lukacs on civilization vs. culture, Michael Gorman on technovandalsrnand the future of libraries, Theodore Pappas on the nagging problem of plagiarism, andrnStephen A. Erickson on the politics of education. Plus Thomas Fleming on the educationrnof liberals and John Dombrowski on politically incorrect research.rnBack Issue #:T949 $7.00rnTHE BIG LIE: FRAUD AND PLAGURISM IN THE ACADEMY—Septemberrn1993—Jack D. Douglas on the myths of the social sciences, E. Christian Kopff on perjuryrnand plagiarism, and Marcel C. LaFollette on the politics of scientific fraud. Plus ChiltonrnWilliamson, Jr’s review of William Holtz’s The Ghost in the Little House: A Life of RosernWilder Lane and Theodore Pappas on redefining plagiarism.rnBack Issue #:T939 $7.00rnROTTEN TO THE CORE: AMERICAN COLLEGES—September 1992—rnThomas Fleming on literature and the curriculum debate, Robert Weissberg on the life ofrna campus conservative, E. Christian Kopff on a true classical curriculum, and student reportsrnon political correctness at the University of Florida, Grinnell College, and GeorgetownrnUniversity. Plus Laura Rogers’ expose of the Parents as Teachers program.rnBack Issue #: T929 $7.00rnLET MY PEOPLE GO! RETURNING SELF-RULE TO ROCKFORD—Audiotapern—^The rally that changed the dynamics of the Rockford school desegregation case.rnThomas Fleming explains the importance of local control of Rockford’s schools and callsrnfor an end to the federal takeover while U.S. Congressman Dan ManzuUo comments onrnlegislation that he has introduced to curtail judicial taxation.rnTape#:RBLl $12.50rnRALLY FOR ROCKFORD: MAD AS HELL OVER JUDICIAL TAXATION—rnTwo Audiotapes—The Rockford Institute’s second local rally, featuring Thomas Flemingrnon judicial taxation, Stephen Presser on judicial tyranny, local lawyer MichaelrnO’Brien on the Rockford tax protest, and Rockford school board members on their plansrnfor ending the federal takeover of Rockford’s schools.rnTape#:RCL2 $15.00rnSpecial Oflfer: With any order over $50, you will receive a free copy of the October 1997 issue of Chronicles.rnIMI’I:RI L PRESIDINC^—Ocliiber IW”—l’.i:ii. • J Liu^lui ni .’ii h Li:uil:i • W u, s^j i-jl 1 ;ji,. h ..i ihj JJII,K.J •_••_ -U.:,,:.^. j iu b„f,ii,j;, L-jv,ci;iii R-L^•^cll, Jr, uiirnexecutive branch evils, and Donald Livingston and Thomas Naylor on the real meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. Plus Thomas Fleming on how presidents became our masters andrnMarian Kester Coombs on the attempt to feminize mathematics.rnBack Issue #:T970 $7.00rnProduct Order FormrnNamernAddressrnCitv/State/ZiprnCheck or money order enclosedrnPlease bill my: Q MasterCard Q Visa Q AmexrnCard*rnExpiration DaternSignaturernPlease mail form (with payment) to:rnChronicles/ProductsrnP.O. Box 800rnMount Morris, IL 61054rn2 or, t o o r d e r t o l l – f r e e , call 1 – 8 0 0 – 3 9 7 – 8 1 6 0rn<rnProduct Code Quantity Unit PricernSubtotalrn20% Discount (on orders over $50)rnTotal Pricern-rnShipping & Handling I N C L U D E DrnTax-Deductible Donation to The Rockford InstituternTotalrn-1-rnOffer expires 7/31/01rnrnrn