It is important that everyone joinsrnthe parade tonight. You must allrnlaugh, smile, and show how happyrnyou are that after more than 200rnyears of capitalist exploitation inrnAmerica, you have your own country,rnyour own government. Yournare the government. Wives andrnchildren will march also. We mustrnshow to the world we are united;rnwe are all enjoying the happinessrnof the new regime.rnA voice came from the crowd: “What ifrnwe don’t want to march? Will you take usrnto court?” Stronovich answered calmly:rn”If you want to be an enemy of the peoplernthat is your choice, but you will joinrnthe exploiters in detention camps. Thernpeople decide everything, and we representrnthe people.” A student asked, “Butrnwho elected you?” The student wasrnquickly taken away. There were nornmore questions.rnBeginning at seven that night half ofrnthe people of Lawrence, Kansas,rnmarched through the streets to show howrnmuch they loved their new government.rnThey shouted and displayed big signsrnthat said: “Long live the People’s Republic,”rn”Down with the exploiters of thernPeople.” Half of the people of Lawrencernnever got the chance to march. Theyrnwere riding freight cars.rnAll over the globe people watched onrnTV as the people of Lawrence and otherrnAmerican cities marched, seeing howrncitizens of the United States welcomedrnthe new government. They did notrnknow that half of the population hadrnbeen arrested, and they did not see thernarmed Russian soldiers standing in thernside streets. So people said: “If the communistsrnwere so bad, so many peoplernwouldn’t be happy. The Americansrnwere smart. They stopped spendingrnmoney on defense. Now they have unitedrnwith the Russian people under a newrngovernment. At long last the world isrnsafe.” Of course, socialist leaders in thernSoviet Union, China, and other socialistrnstates were joking about the stupid, naiverncapitalists who were so worried about thernchances of nuclear destruction that theyrnwould not defend themselves.rnCharles Maurice and Svetozar Pejovichrnare professors of economics at TexasrnA&iM University.rn• f l ^ lrniiS’Se^rnii^^^^^fc^rnParents, are you considering home schooling?rnHome SchoolrnResources AvaUablernKindergarten through 12th gradern• Multi-level grade placement • Pupil Educational Plan to assist parentsrn• Educational materials • Easy e-maU access for parents and studentsrn• No chaige for California residentsrninternet:rnhttp://www.efep.orgrne-mail:[email protected] 1-888-567-2286rnNATIONWIDE, ASK FOR REGISTRARrnEFEP Education Foundation for Ethics and Principles, Inc.rn15.^45 R()-\/. Rl VlCDUMLl.l- CA ^27-92 16^-^55-lK16 Y\. 7riO-05.>-1 ” 0 “rnw ^riii^rnMh – %rn•wrnArn48/CHRONlCLESrnrnrn