on in — the water’s fine. Who said,rn”Reading is a pernicious Habit, whichrndestroys all originality of Mirrd?” Yourncan have the answer in seconds by doingrna “find” @ http://www.smartmouth.edu/~rnoboylneogab.html. It was Will Rogers, explainingrnto an interviewer why he neverrnlearned to read. Son of a vaudevillernroofer (see hyperlink to “vodvil” on thernYahoo! Reference:Universe:Life:Terra:rnAnimalia: Mammalia :Hominidae:fiomoSapiens;rnArtforms:Song+Dance;Dead/rnDying:American:Local: Regional :UrbairiTheatredistrrnpage). Will Rogers neverrnmet a horse he couldn’t ride, and portrayedrnhis skills into a luxcruciatingrncareer as an early television “horse opera”rnstar, complete with siirging coyotes and arnyodeling sidekick named Wiley. Horsernoperas were so called because opera andrn”high-note” culture in general were consideredrnasinine during the period. Antidotalrnevidence demonstrates that our nationrnwas largely rural during this period,rnthe 50’s, with women precluded from thernpaid workforce and laboring on smallrn”tenet” farms. (In most cases, the originalrntenets have been lost or accidentallyrnthrown out.) Men sat around underrnshade trees playing such games as EtonnernMoi (the Appalachian version of “IrnThought I Told You to Wait in the Car”)rnand gambling with ornate “goobers” (filbertrnshells etched with tobacco juice).rnFurther sites for the inquiring mind: gopher://rnwiretap. hill/~billy white.rntrash.com, http://web666.DRAGON.rnnet/sys.hoom.bah/~humhug_index.html,rnhttp://www.wow.genius/car/car/C_A_R/!/,rnand of course, the planet’s premiere GIGOrnsite, the “Welcome to the WhiternHouse” homepage.rnThe Rogers television series was takenrnoff the air in 1958 due to the end of thernFrench and Indian War — see the Universityrnof Blackhole-Galcutta’s hotlistedrncybersite for an overview of that littlernsquirmish, which lasted over a hundredrnyears and ultimately culminated in the finalrnend of French rule in India—but itsrncharacters came back to life again in arnchildren’s cartoon of the same name thatrndebuted on CBS in the fall of 1972 andrncan still be seen in re-run on Nick’srn”Morning Sickness for Kids.” Scripts ofrnthe original Rogers series are downloadablernfrom http://www.dust.BinHex.com/rninc.blot.html. P’ans of Wiley will be saddenedrnto learn that he was killed in Vietnamrnby mortar-and-pestle fire the samernday he arrived there after being drafted inrnNovember 1963. The Vietnamese governmentrnhas a way-cool site that tracks everyonernwho has ever been born, died,rnheard a shot fired in anger or set a boot inrnVietnam, comprising really detailed, verifiedrninformation about each individual.rnSee goolag://charlie.surf.net.nyet.comm:rn1984/~comrade-hilton/hanoi_welcome.rnhtml. Wiley’s real name—Allen Greensbergrn—was adopted by our current chairmanrnof the Federal Reservation when hernwas a youthful antiwar activist to protestrnthe great artistic loss of one of America’srnfinest actors in the quagmire (Yiddish forrn”cow pie”) of Victiram.rnCU there!rnMarian Kester Coombs writes fromrnCrofton, Maryland.rnFOREIGN POLICYrnNo Peace for Iraqrnby Justin RaimondornFrom Operation Desert Storm, unleashedrnagainst Iraq by PresidentrnGeorge Bush, up to the present moment,rnthe attack oir Iraq has been relentiess. AsrnI write, a report of a U.S. sortie over Iraqirnskies and a clash with Iraqi anti-aircraftrngims is hitting the wires — yet anotherrnskirmish in the continuous low-level warfarernthat has plagued this unfortunaternpeople for nearly a decade. The otherrnday, our militarv’ bombed the Al-Zanaziqrnelementary school, in Mosul, in thernnorthern region of the country. Threernchildren —Heba Khalid Mahmoud, 3,rnMena Omar Zuhair, 4, aird AhmedrnMahmoud Jameel, 4 —v^ere amongrneight Iraqis injured. According to the AssociatedrnPress, “a U.S. military spokesmanrnat Iircirlik base in southern Turkeyrnrefused to discuss what was hit or where.”rnThe wanton criminalit}’ of our riders isrnsuch that they do not even bother to denyrntheir crimes. With implacable indifferencernto human life, they have wreakedrntheir vengeance on the Iraqi people —rnwith special attention paid to the children.rnThese little ones have borne thernbrunt of the draconian sanctions imposedrnon Iraq; the San ]ose Mercury Newsrnrecently reported that the embargo on basicrnfood items and medical supplies killsrn4,000 children every week. If the Serbsrnwere doing this to the Bosnians or thernKosovo Albanians, we would have ChristianernAmanpour on the spot, weepingrnand wailing and lecturing us with all herrnmight.rnSo far, according to the United Nations,rnover a million Iraqis, mostiy childrenrnand the elderly, have perished as arnresult of the sanctions. If this administrationrnwere consistent with its ov’n ClintonrnDoctrine, which declared a “right” to intervenernanywhere in the world if peoplernare being killed on account of their ethnicit}’,rnthen it woidd be time for the UnitedrnStates to intervene, once again —rnagainst itself. For why else are 4,000rnchildren dying everv’ week? If they werernnot Iraqis, they would be alive.rnThe low-level military campaign hasrnbeen quietly ratcheted up, and the administrationrnis busy organizing those fewrnand fractious Iraqi opposition groups thatrnwill cooperate with the hated Americans.rnThis is happening as the storm clouds ofrnyet another crisis loom on the horizon,rnand the U.N. Security Council oncernagain takes up the debate over Iraqi sanctions.rnOur leaders are pressing the issuernof renewed weapons inspections. A resolutionrnwritten by Western diplomats andrnpushed by tiie United States and Britainrnstipulates that the Iraqis undergo yet anotherrnlong series of trials and delays beforernsanctions are lifted—and, even then,rnonly on the condition that Iraq allow inrnyet another team of “observers” in thernendless hunt for “weapons of mass destruction.”rnAfter years of rooting around in Iraq,rninspecting presidential palaces and pokingrnnoses into the offices of the rulingrnBaath Part}’, the much-touted inspectorsrnought to have found something. But theyrnhave come up with little more than rumorrnand innuendo.rnRussia, China, and France all agreernthat the sanctions must be lifted; BorisrnYeltsin had taken the stand-out position,rndemanding a total lifting of the sanctionsrnprior to Iraq agreeing to arms inspections.rnBut the United States has been puttingrntremendous pressure on the recalcitrantrnSecurity Council members to get withrnthe program —or prepare for unilateralrn”Allied” action. The resolution now beforernthe Council would create a new-rnIraqi arms control bureaucracv calledrnthe United Nations Monitoring Verificationrnand Inspection Commission: UNMOVIC.rnNow here is an acronym thatrndescribes perfectiy the response of Westernrngovernments to widespread condemnationrnof their genocidal policies. Un-rn44/CHRONICLESrnrnrn