members”) are put “in harm’s way.” They rarely are. Well outrnof range of the antiquated weapons systems of our alleged enemies,rnour “brave men and women in harm’s way” launch missilesrnfrom ships positioned over the horizon and drop bombsrnfrom planes 10,000 feet in the air. Our military today is fartherrnremoved fronr the kill than is a jealous wife who hires a hit manrnto off her unfaithful husband.rnNot witnesses to the kill, our servicenren begin to believernthat they are not really in the killing business. Other liesrnfollow: everything from “humanitarian” and “peacekeeping”rnmissions, which bring nothing but .strife, to “childcare centers”rnvoid of any real care for children. (The Armed Forces are alreadyrnthe nation’s largest operator of institutional daycare.)rnWhen we must admit to killing, we speak as antiseptically as wernthink we act. “Surgical bombing”—what an oxymoron!rnSome pilots may protest that they are fully aware of the naturernof their work, but their arguments do not square with therntestimony of a Canadian pilot interviewed last April by thernToronto Globe and Mail. (Canada is an ideal cultural barometerrnfor estimating how close we will be to the abyss in ten years.)rnDid the pilot think about the people whom he was killing withrnhis bombs? “No.” What was his chief concern? “Dischargingrn[his] paload and returning to base.” (Images of another joylessrnactivih’ come to mind.)rnWaging war so far from the kill does little to reduce the militar’rnmight of those whom we bomb. We now know that for allrnthe tonnage we dropped on the Serbs, we left Milosevic’s armyrnlargely intact. Talk about denatured warfare: Most of the vehiclesrnand tanks we bombed were decoys, and most of the peoplernwe killed or maimed were noncombatairts. Wlrat is more, accordingrnto fiillary Clinton’s biographer, Gail Shechy, it was thernFirst Lady who ordered the bombing.rnNoneombatants, of course, are the chief victims of our otherrnchosen method of denatured warfare: the embargo. Flow manyrnhundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Serb women, children, andrnelderly have suffered and died because of our courageous act ofrndenying them the things they need to live? (I understand thatrnmy countrymen in Slovakia — who are still real men — havernthumbed their noses at the “international communit)” and arernselling electricity to the Serbs this winter.)rnIs there any hope of reversing tiie march toward a military unwillingrnand unable to fight a real fight? Getting women out ofrnthe force is the first step, but on this point, conservatives havernerred in arguing with the feminists in technical terms. As longrnas consen-atives object to women in the militar)- on the groundsrnthat they cannot throw a hand grenade beyond its blast radius,rnor hump a 70-pound pack, or fasten a pistol belt around a pregnantrnbelly, the feminists will always have a technical response:rnmore arm curls, a lighter hand grenade, longer web belts, andrn”besides, war nowadays is more about pushing buttons andrnlooking at screens than it is about mud and bayonets and chargingrnmachine-gun nests.”rnWien feminists make the case for women in uniform, theyrnargue from what they regard as a moral position. They speak inrnterms of right and wrong, not of combat readiness. It is wrongrnto deny women the opportimit}’ to serve their countn,’. It is rightrnfor women to enjoy the same advantages that men do. Conservativesrnneed to respond in kind: It is immoral for a nation tornsend its daughters, wives, sisters, and mothers to war. We havernforgotten that it is immoral because we have been convincedrnthat it is somethiirg other than an act of killing. We should remindrnourselves before we are reminded.rnTOPICSrnFACULTYrnTUITIONrnINQUIRIESrnThe League of the South Institute for the Studyrnof Southern Culture and HistoryrnPresents its Fifth Annual Summer SchoolrnBeersheba Springs, TennesseernJune 25-30, 2000rnClasses and seminars will be conducted in an antebellum hotel where thoughtfulrnSoutherners once met with plans for building their own institutions. Andrew Lyticrnspent his last years in Beersheba Springs.rnThe Southern Agrarian Tradition; 1 he Nashville Agrarians; The Southern Theological andrnPhilosophical Critique of Modernity; Southern Resistance to American Imperialism.rnTom Landess, Clyde Wilson, Thomas Flennng, Benjamin Alexander, Lee Cheek, fedrnSmith, Donald Livingston, and guest lecturers.rn$495 includes all meals and lodging. Space is limited, so applications should be received asrnsoon as possible. Preference will be given to college and advanced high school students.rnDr. Donald Livingston, i:)irector LS Institute, 478 Burlmgton Rd., Atianta, GA 30307.rnPhone and fax: (404) 377-0484.rnFEBRUARY 2000/21rnrnrn