was more likely to win the new “totalrnwar” for which he prayed than arnreligion of love. He was convertedrnby his bluestocking wife Mathilde,rnwho wrote Redemption from ]esusrnChrist. Most Nazis consider themselvesrnsufficiently subtle when theyrn”discover” that all foes are tools ofrnJudaism. Mathilde goes them onernbetter in subtlety: even the Jews arerntools. At a Nazi party congress shernunmasked the subtlest plot in history,rnshrieking that Jews, capitalists,rnReds, democrats, and FreernMasons were all puppets of the insidiousrnDalai Lama, who pulledrntheir strings from his fiendish laboratoryrnin Tibet, where he plotted tornpersecute Germany.rnI have quoted these two extracts becausernthey put the anti-Semitic feelingsrnof the Germans in their complex Pan-rnGerman, Herrenrasse perspective. It wasrnprecisely for this reason that most Jewsrnliving in Germany under the WeimarrnRepublic—they numbered more thanrnhalf a million—at first refused to takernNazism seriously. They regarded thernrantings and ravings of Hitler, Goebbels,rnJulius Streicher (the hysterical purveyorrnof a kind of sex-crazed anti-Semitism),rnand others as the fulminations of a lunaticrnfringe.rnThis explains two extraordinary phenomenarnwhich go virtually unmentionedrnin Goldhagen’s superficial account ofrnthe vitally important Weimar years: thernGerman Jewish intellectuals’ feeling ofrnbeing completely “at home” in a Berlin,rnwhich—with Max Reinhardt (magnificentlyrninstalled in the Bellevue Palace),rnAlbert Einstein, George Grosz, KathernKollwitz, Kurt Weill, Otto Klemperer,rnFritz Lang, and Erwin Piscator—wasrnperhaps culturally the most dynamicrncapital in Europe; and the conviction,rnshared by virtually all of these intellectuals,rnthat Nazism, even after Hitler’s appointmentrnas Ghancellor of the Reich,rnwas a kind of transient phenomenon, unlikelyrnto last. As Manes Sperber (himselfrnan Austrian Jew) later wrote in his fascinatingrnmemoirs, he and thousands ofrnother left-wingers stayed on not only becausernthey were convinced that “it cannotrnhappen here,” but because they expectedrnGermany to be shaken and savedrnfrom the “brown pest” by some kind ofrncataclysmic convulsion.rnThe cataclysm came—in the form ofrnthe diabolical Reichstag fire and thernrigged elections of early March 1933.rnBut by then it was too late to do anythingrnbut flee. For those, at least, who had thernmeans to do so. CrnSouthern LJ^ he ujouthem l^eaguernAre you proud of your Southem Heritage? Tired of the incessant growth in wealth and power of Mr. Lincoln’srnWashington? Determined to defend your home, your community, your culture, your way of life? You are not alone.rnThe Southem League stands with you, and now we invite you to stand against: the forces of centralization, intemationalrnand national; those who would rob us of our symbols and heritage, in the name of diversity; the modem-day Carpetbaggersrnwho destroy our local economies and cultures in the name of progress and efficiency.rnAnd to stand/or: the historic Christian faith of the South; the truths of Southem history and culture; a return to thernConstitution, wtiich preserved the rights of the states.rn”We are a band of brothers, and native to the soil,” and we count a number of Chronicles editors and contributors amongrnour “band”: Thomas Reming, Michael Hill, Clyde Wilson, Theodore Pappas, and Chilton Williamson, among others.rnFor only $35 a year ($25 for students), it can include you, too. Your membership features a subscription to The SouthemrnPatriot (bimonthly), invitations to Southem League events, and discounts on Southem League items.rnTake your stand today. Join the Southem League by writing to:rnMichael Hill, PresidentrnThe Southern League, Inc.rnP.O. Box 40910rn1iscaloosa, AL 35404-0910rn”The intemational elitists who own the Republican and Democratic parties have their Council on ForeignrnRelations and their Trilateral Commission. Now Southerners have their Southem League.”rn—Charley Reese,rnNationally syndicated columnistrnDECEMBER 1996/29rnrnrn