I.iitlicr King main ]ihrai, a hnoritcrnhaunt’ of local derelicts. IncidciitalK , thernpanhandlers infesting the eit hae entliusiastiealKrnlatched on to the new Zeitgeist.rnOne da, walking home fiom thernlcfro station, I was accosted 1) a characterrnwho got mad when 1 wouldn’trngie him am moncN. lie followed mernfor two blocks, calling me a racist. “Wernbeen oppressed for ceiiluriesl” hernscreamed. “M grairdmothcr was a s7c/i’e!rnI’m entitled h) some rekixcitionl”rnThe first s])eaker, a Dr. Roose^’eltrnThomas, D.B.A., informed us thatrnachie’ing l^icrsit means helping outrnccrb()d but white males, .loreoer,rnhe said, affirmatixc action, or c|uotas, isrnnot good enough, because it “assumesrnconformity.” I>. Thomas sees a Dierscrnworkplace as a jar of jclKbeans. “burnhae red jcllbe