Yours FREE —nthe ”mother lode”nof home-schoolingnwisdom, by thenfounder herselfnCharlotte Mason’s 6 classicnvolumes, chosen as “Pick of thenCrop” hy Teaching Home MagazinenLong unavailable even in good libraries, this monumental setngives you “how to” guidance in eveiy aspect of home schooling.nAnchored in the author’s Christian — and groundbreakingn— educational philosophy, it will help you tonbecome a better teacher… help your children to learn bettern— and love it … and help them to grow in the spiritual,nmoral and mental habits that will bring out the best in them.nHome-school experts hail Charlotte Mason’s “timeless treasure”n”Marvelous insights and ideas… .fascinating things tonsay, all based on her personal experience of decadesnof teaching.”—Mary Pride in The Big Book of HomenLearningn”At last Charlotte Mason’s seminal books are back innprint. These writings will give important priorities andnguidelines to parents, teachers, and schools. Welcomenback, my dear, valued mentor!”—Susan SchaeffernHow the Club WorksnEvery 4 weelts (13 times a year) you get a fiee copy of the Qub Bulletin which offers younthe Featured Selection plus a good choice of Alternates — all of interest to conservativesnand parents. * If you want the Featured Selection, do nofliing, it will come automatically.n* If you don’t want the Feahired Selection, or you do want an Alternate, indicate yournwishes on the handy card enclosed with your Bulletin and return it by the deadline date. *nThe majority of Qub books will be offered at 20-50% discounts, plus a charge for shippingnand handling. * As soon as you buy and pay for 4 books at regular Qub prices, yournmembership may be ended at any time, either by you or by tiie Qub. * If you ever receivena Featured Selection witiiout having had 10 days to decide if you want it, you may return itnat Qub expense for full credit. • Good service. No computers! • The Qub wffl offernff^ar Superbargains, mostly at 70-90% discounts plus shipping and handling. Superbargainsndo NOT count toward fulfilling your Qub obligation, but do enable you to buynfine books at giveaway prices. * Only one membership per household.nHow to get this $49.95 set FREEnGrateful parents cheer THE ORIGINALnHOME-SCHOOLING SERIESn”After 10 years as a public school teacher and 5 yearsnas a home schooler, I have finally found an author whonwrites what I know and want to do. I am so excited tonfind Charlotte Mason’s books back in print.”—LaurienJohnson, Sacramento, CAn”… solidified what I had personally experienced withnchildren … teaching pre-xhoolers and fourthngraders … and with my own son and daughter.”n-Cheryl Forque Melton, L^ke Jackson, TXnHuge fr-volume slipcasednset — over 2,400 pages! •nDetailed Table of Contentsnsummarizes everynchapter • Complete indexnof each volume •nUniform quality paperbacksnMacauley, author of For the Children’s Sal(e: Foundationsnof Education for Home and Schooln’ ‘A timeless treasure. To say that Mrs. Mason was aheadnof her time would not do her justice. Her insights are stillnahead of our own time! May God use her work to Instill innChristian parents, and all other Christian teachers, anrenewed sense of their mission In Christian Education.”n—Gregg Harris, author of The Christian Home SchoolnCONSERVATIVE /Il f !• BOOK CLUBn15 OAKLAND AVENUE • HARRISON, N.Y. 10528nPlease accept ray membership in the Club and send me, free and postpaid, CharlottenMason’s 6-volume, $49.95 classic. The OrigmlHome Schooling Series. I agree to buy 4nadditional books at regular Club prices over the next 2 years. I also agree to AK Club ralesnspelled out in fliis coupon C C U L • 86nNamenAddressnCity Slate Zipnnn