1 Education Is domplete Uatil It Includes Us.nYoung America’s Foundation begins with the assumption that a college education is incompletenunless the student has a firm understanding of conservative principles. Because university educationntoday omits this key component, the Foundation offers students an array of programsnto enable them to complete their education.nSince 1978, thousandsnof top students fromnacross the country havencome to this week-longnsummer program tonhear from and meetnwith Jack Kemp, JessenHelms, Malcolm Wallop,nTrent Lott, Phil Crane,nand Jeffrey Hart, amongnothers.n• ‘ Young America’s Foundationnprograms offer invaluable assistancento young men and women searchingnfor the encouragement andnunderstanding necessary to reinforcenthe values of a free society.. .7 )nRONALD REAGANnTens of thousands ofnstudents have heard suchnspeakers as GeneralnNorman Schwarzkopf,nEd Meese, George Will,nRobert Novak, WilliamnF. Buckley, Jr., PhyllisnSchlafly, Fred Barnesnand Dinesh D’Souza onntheir campuses, thanksnto Young America’snFoundation.nEvery year we distributentens of thousands of booksnand monographs by Rus­nsell Kirk, Barry Goldwaternand Aleksandr Solz-nhenitsyn, as well as hun­ndreds of thousands ofnaward-winning posters.nWe also publish journalsnand newsletters such asnContinuity, CampusnLeader, and Libertas.nYOUNG AMEmcAsnP.M. Kirby Freedom X^entern110 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 22070n703-318-9608nWrite or call for more informationnnnIn 1992 the Foundationninitiated the EngalitcheffnPrize ($10,000) presentednto that faculty membernwho courageously defendsnacademic freedom. Wenalso conduct the HenrynSalvatori DistinguishednLecture Series and thenGrover Hermann FreedomnLecture Series.na For twenty years, YoungnAmerica’s Foundation has playednan important role in promoting thenideals of free enterprise, constitutionalngovernment and individualnfreedoms among this nation’s youth.nYou may be proud of the manynfine traditions established by thisnorganization.nDAN QUAYLEnCHlO/92n