IVtlasti:nm^mmmm^^^^^^Kmmmm^ii^i^m^m^t^nTviv.SvxmwA^NnPARTISANn-Civil War Press CorpsnTT^p”^^^ SICSSSSBI^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^nSouthern Partisannhas arrivednThe Conservative bice of the Unieconstructed^^^nPresented With Wit and Style*nRead Andrew Lytle, Russell Kirk, M.E. Bradford,nR Reid Buckley, unpublished work by Richard Weaver,nand more…in the magazine you’ve been waiting for.n’For those concernednabout preservingnSouthern culture.”n—Human Eventsn”A group of writersn(convinced) that the timenhas come to reverse thenretreat… a hell-for-leathernassault…”n—Chronicles of Culturen’A breath of fresh air..na voice crying in thenwilderness.”n—Charleston News & CounYes! I’d like to try The Southern Partisan at the special introductory ratenof $12.00 per year.nD $12.00 check enclosed D Bill menNamenStreet addressnCity State ZipnMail to: The Southan ?ayxxian, Dept. 82-C, P.O. Box 11708, Columbia, South Carolina 29211nA Publication 0/ the Foundation for American Educationnnn