language requirement may be satisfiedrnby four semesters of any language used tornconquer substantial portions of thernMediterranean world or the Near Eastrnbefore the year 1000 A.D.rnIt is time to stop complaining aboutrneducational decline and start designingrnour own curricula. You see how easy it is.rnYour first assignment is to draw up arnReal Men’s reading list. No, no, notrnTom Clancy and Louis L’Amour.rnShakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew andrnMilton’s Paradise Lost. Now you’re gettingrnthe hang of it. Go and do likewise.rnE. Christian Kopffis a professor ofrnGreek and Latin at the Universityrnof Colorado in Boulder.rnGovernor WilliamrnWeld’s ManlyrnAgendarnby Martin MawyeirnEmpower Queer NationrnDoes Massachusetts GovernorrnWilliam Weld want to “EmpowerrnAmerica” or “Empower Queer Nation”?rnSocial conservatives who hold out anrninkling of hope that “Empower America”rnmight actually pay attention to theirrnissues should take a closer look at GovernorrnWeld’s promotion of the homosexualrnagenda in public schools.rnOn February 10, 1992, GovernorrnWeld “empowered” the public schoolrnchildren of Massachusetts by creatingrnthe nation’s first Commission on Gayrnand Lesbian Youth. By signing ExecutivernOrder 325, and at the swearing-in ofrncommission members on June 11, 1992,rnGovernor Weld stated that there is arn”tremendous need to address the difficultrnissues facing gay and lesbian youth.”rnHe also wants to “abolish the prejudicernand isolation” faced by such children.rnGovernor Weld was understandably partisanrnin naming members of the commission.rnMany arc homosexuals. In fact,rnthe chairman is David LaFontaine, lobbyingrndirector for the Coalition for Lesbianrnand Gay Civil Rights.rnThe commission’s Education Report,rn”Making Schools Safe for Gay and LesbianrnYouth,” detailed Weld’s and therngay lobby’s demands: acknowledgmentrnthat kids are born homosexual; creationrnof social clubs for homosexuals; inclusionrnof homosexual propaganda in school libraries;rnteaching kids that homosexualrnsex is normal, natural, and healthy; nofaultrnparenting support groups; layers ofrnbureaucracy to provide legitimacy andrnself-justification; an open school door tornhomosexual activists; “yellow pages”rnguiding kids to homosexual activities;rnreprimands for criticizing homosexuality;rnand taxpayer-funded legal servicesrnfor homosexuals to agitate on campus.rnOne wonders if Bill Weld needs to bernreminded that what he is talking about isrna peculiar form of sex. Homosexuality isrndefined by a sex act, in this case sodomy.rnIt is clear that a person cannot homornwithout the sexual any more than a personrncan hetero without the sexual. Butrnunlike heterosexuality generally, homosexualityrninvolves an obsessive, evenrnpathological, desire for societal approvalrnbeyond individual conscience and one’srnclose circle of friends. So it is no wonderrnthat the homosexual movement’s recommendationsrnin the Education Reportrnall focus on public approval and endorsementrnof the homosexual lifestyle.rnThe Education Report relies heavilyrnon a 1989 youth suicide report by thernU.S. Department of Health and HumanrnServices (HHS) for legitimacy. Withoutrna widely recognized social problem, nornWeld Gommission would be needed.rnTo the homosexual movement, youthrnsuicide is not unlike AIDS, for all practicalrnpurposes. Both tragedies have beenrnused for political gain. AIDS hasrnbrought millions of state and federal taxrndollars flowing into “community-based”rnhomosexual groups, as well as facilitatedrnan ever-expanding propaganda machinernwith which to influence public opinion,rnand youth suicide has added an importantrndimension to their overall goal ofrnpublic acceptability.rnThe HHS report was released in threernvolumes. The third volume includedrnextraneous contributions from variousrnsectors of society. None of these extraneousrnreports, though published as additionalrnreading on the subject, wererndeemed official or integral to the HHSrnreport’s recommendations. It was in thisrnvolume of extraneous material that a paperrntitled “Gay Male and Lesbian YouthrnSuicide” was placed. Of this paper then-rnHHS Secretary Louis W. Sullivan wrote,rn”I want to reemphasize that the views expressedrnin the paper entitled ‘Gay Malernand Lesbian Youth Suicide’ do not inrnany way represent my personal beliefs orrnthe policy of this Department. . . . Federalrnpolicies must be crafted with greatrncare so as to strengthen rather than underminernthe institution of the family.rnIn my opinion, the views expressed inrnthe paper run contrary to that aim.”rnThis position was seconded by the actingrnsurgeon general.rnThis extraneous paper was the productrnof a San Francisco mental healthrncounselor named Paul Gibson, who alsornhappens to be a homosexual. From thernway the Education Report relies on hisrntestimony, the reader would think thatrnMr. Gibson was employed by HHS. Onerncitation in the Education Report, pagern10, even reads: “Paul Gibson, U.S. Departmentrnof Health and Human Services.”rnThis is clearly misleading.rnGovernor Weld relied on Gibson’srn”research” during the swearing-in ofrncommissioners, stating, “nearly 30 percentrnof youth suicides are committed byrngays or lesbians.” The Education Reportrnreiterates and highlights this “fact” timernand again. If true, the claim would bernsignificant. Thirty percent of anythingrnnowadays is a substantial force. Yourncould even be elected President of thernUnited States with the vote of 30 percentrnof the population. Don’t you think thatrnif homosexual youth suicides really compriserna whopping 30 percent of all youthrnsuicides that somebody would pick uprnon it other than Bill Weld and a handfulrnof homosexuals?rnThe claim is obviously not true. Thernfigure was cooked by homosexual psychocliniciansrnin one of many of their “scientific”rnsurveys. There is little need to remindrnanyone of the fraudulent “10rnpercent” figure the homosexual movementrnhas used for years to project arngrander image. HHS, the very institutionrnthe Weld Commission relies uponrnfor inspiration, reported as recentlyrnas March 1993 that homosexualityrn(whether referred to as gay or lesbian orrnsexual orientation, etc.) is such a smallrnpossible co-factor in youth suicides thatrnit is not measurable (“Suicide Facts,”rnNational Institutes of Mental Health,rnMarch 1993). The Gallup Poll foundrnthe same thing (Teenage Suicidal Study,rnJanuary 1991).rnThe pathology of homosexuality hasrncreated a fortress of lies and self-justificationsrnfrom which gays advocate theirrnlifestyle. Themes like “we arc every-rn44/CHRONICLESrnrnrn