one fell swoop we could eliminate thernunlawful and fraudulent 14th and 16thrnamendments and fix the flaw in thernConstitution that gives Supreme CourtrnJustices lifetime appointments.rnSince the Civil War, or more correctly,rnthe War Between the States, the federalrngovernment has become more and morernabusive and tyrannical. All three branchesrnof the federal government increasinglyrnignore the requirements of the Constitution.rnAs our agents, elected officialsrnand bureaucrats rule and regulate,rnhound and persecute, many of the peoplernwho elect them and pay their salaries.rnFederal agents are often soft on realrncriminals, even as they prosecute and jailrnlaw-abiding men. Such was the case inrnthe prosecution and jailing of RandyrnWeaver, after federal agents murderedrnhis wife and son. For this outrage, thernfederal government settled with him andrnhis surviving children out of court forrn$3.1 million. And such was the case atrnWaco, where, after burning to deathrnmen, women, and children, our federalrnIS THEROCjKFORPrnINSTITUTErnIN YOUR WILL?rnIVrluiiJ?”:i IH’IUTqiHsliouis;rnDo YOU HAVE ArnCURRENT WILL?rnIf not, the laws of your particularrnstate will determinernwhat is to be done with yourrnesiate upon your death. In additiiHi,rnunless there is proper planiiins^,rnfederal estate taxes canrnclaim up to 55 percent of yourrnproperty. If you would like torndiscuss elements of your estatern111 aiming, please write or call:rn(815^064-5811rnnir.WX’KHJKDINVIIIl ri-rn’).M » )RTH MAIN STRF-.t- TrnROCKl-ORn.lL Mia*rnservants prosecuted and jailed thernBranch Davidian survivors.rnOur forefathers thought their taxesrnwere unjustifiably high in 1776. Theyrnfelt the heel of the tyrant upon them.rnIn their worst nightmares, they neverrndreamed of surrendering to a centralrngovernment the kind of power Washingtonrncurrently wields. They wouldrnbe shocked how we of “the noblernbirthright” now tolerate taxes manyrntimes higher than those under whichrnthey felt burdened. Thev would, withoutrndoubt, say to us as the great patriotrnPatrick Henry said to them: “I knowrnnot what course others may take, but asrnfor me, give me liberty or give merndeath!”rnWhile many Americans have workedrnto keep freedom alive and to preserve thernConstitution, most realize that nobodyrnhas come up with a plan which mightrnhave a chance of del:eating the juggernautrnof the rich and powerful men whorncontrol our country’s sovereignty. Ifrnthere is a plan which, at this late and darkrnhour, has any possibilitv of saving thernConstitution and our freedom, it is thernsame idea which our Fathers held in establishingrnthe Constitution on June 21,rn1788. That idea is to duplicate their simplernand powerful proposal. Not with arnconstitutional convention, and not withrna majority of the states. Just a single staternwilling to make the proposal to the restrnof the states will do.rnBy duplicating and proposing ArticlernVll, we will wake up the American peoplernand their elected representatives tornthe fact that the states are, and alwaysrnhave been, in charge, if they simplyrnchoose to resist federal usurpations insteadrnof playing the role of the pacifistrnand allowing their agent to assume undelegatedrnpowers.rnArticle VII reads: “The Ratification ofrnthe Conventions of nine States, shall bernsufficient for the Establishment of thisrnConstitution between the States so ratifyingrnthe same.” After making minorrnmodifications to our Constitution ofrn1788, and eliminating the unlawful 14thrnand 16th amendments, I would suggestrnan amended Article VII to read: “Thernratification of the conventions of 35rnStates, shall be sufficient for the establishmentrnof the constitution between thernStates so ratifying the same.”rnTwelve of the 13 states proposedrnthe present Constitution. However, anyrnnumber of states, even a single state,rncould have made the proposal. Becausernthe Constitution was a mere proposal,rnnot a declaration, even a private group,rnor even a single individual, such asrnGeorge Washington, could have proposedrnit. However, the greater the perceivedrnprestige or influence of thosernmaking the proposal, the greater the possibilityrnof the proposal being seriouslyrnconsidered, at least in the beginning.rnSo today, if even a single state will proposernan Article VII constitution, send itrnout to the legislatures of the other 49rnstates, and if the number of states as proposedrnin that state’s Article VII ratify thernproposal, we will have formed ourselves arnnew government, essentially the same asrnwe have now, and we will have rid ourselvesrnof the entire federal establishmentrnincluding Congress, the President, andrnall federal judges. Even if unable to convincerna sufficient number of states to gornalong with the formation of a new government,rna national debate among millionsrnof Americans will follow, by a singlernstate merely making the proposal. Evenrnif there is not a second state which will gornalong with it, which is highly unlikely,rnthe furious attack on the proposal by thernrich and powerful in government andrnthe media will be astounding. It will be arnwin-win situation.rnFor a modern constitution it seemsrnwise to follow the precedent of thernFounders in the percentage of statesrnrequired to make ratification complete.rnNine of 13 is 69.23 percent. The closestrnwe can come to that same percentagernwith 50 states in the Union is 70 percent,rnwhich means our new Article VII wouldrnrequire ratification by 35 states. Afterrntwo centuries of glorifying the work ofrnthe Founders in establishing the greatestrndocument of freedom known to man, itrnwill be difficult for detractors of a modernrnArticle VII to argue with the numberrn35.rnSome may wish to go with 38 states.rnOthers might wish to go with a simplernmajority of 26. Even as few states as tworncould be specified in Article VII, and thernretained sovereignty of each of the 50rnstates would lawfully allow those twornstates to form their own small confederation,rnthough of course a lawful action isrnnot necessarily a safe action. Two hundredrnyears ago, nine of 13 assured safety.rnThirty-five of 50 would assure safetyrntoday.rn]oseph Stumph is president of thernCommittee of SO States in Salt LakernCity, Utah.rn50/CHRONICLESrnrnrn