transactionnNew and Recent Books on Family and PolicynN^-^nThe,. .npoliticsnHumannNaturenThomas FlemingnEajnilynQuestiDnsnReflections on thenAmerican Social CrisisnAllan C. CarlsonnTHE POLITICS OF HUMAN NATUREnThomas FlemingnThe effort to understand human nature in a politicalncontext is a daunting challenge that has beennundertaken in a variety of ways and by a myriad ofndisciplines through the ages. This volume takes up anvariety of specific issues: sex and gender differences,ndemocracy and dictatorship, individual and familialnpatterns of association. The author shows how formsnof legitimate authority, such as families, communities,nand nations establish such authority by appeals tonhuman nature, and that these appeals, whilenpresumably resting on empirical evidence, alsonconfirm the existence of normative structures.nFleming’s work is an effort of synthesis that is sure tonarouse discussion and debate.nISBN: 0-88738-189-8 (cloth) 276 pp. $29.95nFAMILY QUESTIONSnREFLECTIONS ON THE AMERICAN SOCIALnCRISISnAllan CarlsonnWhat accounts for the crisis in American family life?nThis creative search for answers borrows fromnconservative, feminist, and socialist traditions.nDrawing upon evidence from the fields of history,nsociology, psychology, economics, and biology, thenauthor offers a number a provocative explanationsnranging from changes in the relationship to conflictnbetween the family and the state.nISBN: 0-88738-206-1 (cloth)nOrder from your bookstorenor direct from the publisher.nMajor credit cards acceptedn(201)932-2280nE transactionn335 pp. $34.95npublishersnDepartment PHnRutgers-The State Universityntransaction New Brunswick, N.J. 08903nnn