UBERALnINTELLECTUALS:nHOW DO THEYnGET THAT WAY?nPaulJohnson anatomizes 20 of them —ntheir ideas, their lives, their moralsn”So full of life and energy and fascinating detail, and so rightnfor the moment, that anyone who picks it up will have a hardntime putting it down.” -NORMAN PODHORETZ, New York PostnWhy Johnson’s treatment is uniquen* The essential ideas of 20 key intellectuals, and their importance. No need tonwade through dozens of often boring books. The kernel is here.n* How intellectuals set the tone today. Most are liberals, and they form a castenwho “follow certain regular patterns of behavior.”n* Vivid portraits. What was it like to marry one? (A horror.) How did theynbehave toward their peers? (Treacherously.) How did they treat theirnfollowers? (Slavery lives.) Johnson shows that character and morals donaffect their ideas (“the private lives and the public postures … cannot benseparated”).n•k An all but perfect introduction for the intelligent general reader. For those ofnthe 20 you already know, Johnson deepens your understanding. For thosenyou don’t know — well, after Johnson you do know them.nHow the Club WorksnEvery 4 weeks (13 times a year) you get a free copy of the Club Bulletin which offers younthe Feattired Selection plus a good choice of Alternates — all of interest to conservatives.n* If you want the Featured Selection, do nothing, ft will come automatically. • If youndon’t want the Featured Selection, or you do want an Alternate, indicate your wishes onnthe handy card enclosed with your Bulletin and rehim ft by the deadluie date. * Thenmajority of Club books will be offered at 20-50% discounts, plus a charge for shippingnand handhng. • As soon as you buy and pay for 3 books at regular Club prices, yournmembership may be ended at any time, either by you or by the Club. * If you evernreceive a Featural Selection without having had 10 days to decide ft’ you want it, you maynreturn ft at Club expense for fiiU credit, * Good service. No computet?! • The Club willnoffer regular SupeAargains, mostly at 70-90% discounts plus shippuig and handlftig.nSuperbargains do NOT count toward ftiMng your Club obligation, but do enable you tonbuy fine books at giveaway prices. • Only one membership per household.n’ ^ ‘ ^ mn—–^^^^SiSii^rnt&Zn-How to get this $22.50 bestseller FREEnJohnson’s intellectuals:nhow well do younknow them?nRousseau • Marx • Sartre •nMailer • Shelley • Ibsen •nHemingway • Waugh • Tolstoy •nOrwell • Brecht • Fassbinder •nChomsky • Cyril Connolly •nEdmund Wilson • Kenneth Tynann• Bertrand Russell • VictornGollancz • Lillian Hellman •nJames BaldwinnJohnson admires two, gives onena passing grade, devastates thenotheriz.n”Should have a cleansing influencenon Western literature andnculture for years to come …nlays out the dangerous politicalnagendas of several modemncultural icons.”—M. S. ForbesnJr., Forbes Magazinen”Mordantly v/iny.”—NationalnReviewn$22.50nbestseller —nYoursnFREE!nCONSERVATIVE I!! /H BOOK CLUBn15 OAKLAND AVENUE • HARRISON, N.Y. 10528nPlease accept my membership in the Club and send FREE myncopy of Paul Johnson’s $22.50 bestseller, Intellectuals. I agree tonbuy 3 additional books at-regular Club prices over the next 18nmonths. I also agree to the Club rules spelled out in this coupon.nNamenAflflressnnnCity • iState ZipnC C U L – 56n