SECOND PRINTINGrnTHE POLITICS OF BAD FAITHrnTHE RADICAL ASSAULT ON AMERICA’S FUTURErnBY DAVID H0B0WIT2rnThis elegant, insightful work ought to bernwidely read as a necessary corrective to thernmost dangerous moral disease of our times.rn—Robert BorkrnDavid Horowitz has written a passionate andrninsightful book that moves seamlessly betweenrnincisive critiques of the cultural Left and his ownrnpersonal experiences as part of the movement. Asrnhe makes clear, Marxism did not die with the fallrnof the Soviet Union.rn—Francis FukuyamarnDavid Horowitz brilliantly critiques the religionrnof radicalism and insightfully shows how 1960srnthinking echoed that of the 1660s—the falsernmessianic hopes of Shabbtai Zvi—and morphedrninto the AIDS death mask.rn—Marvin OlaskyrnTo order callrn(800) 752-6562 x.209rnor visitrnwww.frontpagemag.comrntirtiTicsrnmrnIBflDffllTHrn|!»esBicftt mumm(uatRiryisFtfimi- Wmai^mzlim ofthmnetrnIFItONTPAGErn?3ilpecf bi^i^eter CoUI0i^:§, DavM Hmffwltx ,,:s’-‘;:-:..rntmn^rnMWOJIflROWfnrnrnrn