^ h e ^ h n ^^ndolph (?lubrnCrystal City MarriottrnArlington, Virginiarn”NATIONALISM, POPULISM, AND THErnFUTURE OF THE AMERICAN RIGHT”rnlo you believe it makes a difference whether Tweedledum or Tweedledumber isrnelected President this fall? Then don’t bother attending the Seventh AnnualrnMeeting of the John Randolph Club. We’ll be discussing issues that reallyrnmatter: whether America is losing her sovereignty by pursuing dreams of Empire, whetherrnmass culture and world citizenship go hand-in-hand, how the commissars in D.C. arernattempting to reinvent America, and how Middle Americans can fight back.rnThe conference includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, as wellrnas breakfast on Sunday. Registration is $225 before September 1, orrn$250 thereafter Checks should be made payable to the John RandolphrnClub and mailed to Burt Blumert, Center for Libertarian Studies, CrownrnBuilding, 875 Mahler Road, Suite 150, Burlingame, CA 94010.rnA limited number of rooms are available at a special rate of $85 perrnnight, single or double occupancy. Room reservations can be made byrncalling the Marriott at (800) 228-9290.rnSpeakers will include:rnSenator Eugene McCarthy,rnTom Pauken, Thomas Fleming, Samuel Francis, Joe Sobran,rnLlewellyn Rockwell, Clyde Wilson, Bill Kauffman,rnRalph Raico, Charley Reese, Allan Carlson,rnE. Christian Kopff, andrnPaul GottfriedrnPreceding the meeting on Friday, October 4, The Rockford Institute will hold its TwentiethrnAnniversary Dinner. The featured speakers are Chilton Williamson, Jr., and Harold 0.,I.rnBrown, discussing their new books. The liuniigration Mystique and The Sensate Culliire. Foi”rnmore information about the dinner, please call Sarah Trimble at (815) 964-5811.rnrnrn