Great Topics, Great Issuesrn•^trns*-^rn-‘^rnxO’ ^^^^rnKiilUii to the Core: American Colleges^SeptemberrnI ‘•’ —Thomas Fleming on literature and the curricu-rnI debate. Robert Weissberg on the life of a campusrnnservalive, and E. Christian Kopff on a true classialrncurriculum. Plus Laura Rogers’ expose of thernParents as Teachers program.rn1492: Italians and America—October 1992—rnChristie Davies on blaming Columbus, E.rniistian Kopff on Margaret Fuller in Rome, Chiltonrnliamson. Jr., on pseudoscholarship aboutrnlumbus. and Samuel Francis on The Godfather asrnilitical metaphor. Plus David R. Slavitt onrnL^orenzo Da Ponte and Thomas O. Jones onrnColumbus’ descendants.rnAin’t Freedom Grand: The 1992 Election—rnJNOV ember 1992—Donald Warren on the empty votingrnbooth. William J. Quirk on the unrepresented middlernclass, Thomas Fleming on the Electoral College, JamesrnS Fishkin on deliberative polling, and SamuelrnFrancis on the passivity of the electorate. PlusrnTheodore Pappas on Martin Luther King, Jr.’srnearly plagiarisms.rnTen Commandments—December 1992—A roundtablerndiscussion on the Decalogue—by Thomas Molnar,rnGdr> North, F.W. Brownlow, Allan Carlson, JacobrnNeusner. Theodore Pappas. Murray Rothbard. E.rnChristian Kopff, Harold O.J. Brown, and GeorgernGarrett. Plus Philip Jenkins on the panic over priestlyrnpedophilia and Sally Wright on MalcolmrnMuggeridge.rnUncle Sam’s Kids: Child Abuse and the Abusernof Power—January 1993—Allan Carlson on the parenthoodrnof the state. Thomas Fleming on the tragedy ofrnmaking children common property, Philip Jenkins onrnthe “Believe the Children” ideology, and William N.rnGrigg on a case of abuse in Lehi, Utah. PlusrnSamuel Francis’s response to William Buckley’srn”In Search of Anti-Semitism.”rnThe Days of Empire—Come and Gone?—Februaryrn1991—F.W. Brownlow on American imperialism,rnTomislav Sunic on Europe’s New Right, MihajlornMihajov on the future of Radio Liberty and RadiornFree Europe, and Richard Vedder and LowellrnGallaway on the importance of the invisiblernhand in the post-Cold War era. Plus ThomasrnFleming on what America can learn from Italyrnand Andrei Navrozov on the contagion of totalitarianismrnArt in the 90’s: Visions and Values—March 1993—rnAlexandra York on Romantic Realism, Mary EhzabethrnPodles and Leon J. Podles on politically incorrect cartoons,rnand Thomas Fleming on museums as warehousesrnof art. Plus .A.lan R. Turin on the unreported storyrnof Hurricane Andrew and Robert Knight’srnencounter with Queer Nation.rnDefining Culture—April 1993—Speeches on therntenth presentation of the Ingersoll Prizes; Edson IrnGaylord’s “Observations After Ten Years,” MurielrnSpark on “Living With Culture.” and Waller Burkeitrnon the “Classics—Past Ideology and PersistentrnReality.” Plus John B. Thompson on Janet Reno.rnJeffrey A. Tucker on Jack Kemp’s mistaken identity,rnand an excerpt from Chilton Williamson’srnlatest novel.rnWho Owns America?—May 1993—Charles Lewis onrnthe impact of foreign lobbyists in Washington. PatrnChoate on Japan’s influence on American trade,rnArthur E. Rowse on the buying of American foreignrnpolicy, and Alfred E. Eckcs on influence-peddlingrnas an age-old art. Plus Bill Kauffman on whornowned Hollywood in the 1930’s and Russ Braleyrnon the revolving door between government and jouinalism.rnBosnia, U.S.A.—June 1993—Garrett Hardin on thernp’s and q’s of immigration, Peter Brimelow onrnwhether America can survive an open-border policy,rnClaes G. Ryn on the Balkanization ofrnAmerican culture, and Paul Gottfried on therntherapeutic politics of never saying no. PlusrnMomcilo Selic’s “Letter From Serbia: Notes From thrnFront, Part I.”rnThe Fundameutal Things of Life: Pain,rnKnowledge, Duty, and Sex—July 1993—PatrickrnReilly on the purpose of pain, George Watson onrncombating moral skepticism, and John Lofton onrnsex and the military. Plus Momcilo Selic’s “LetterrnFrom Serbia: Notes From the Front, Part II.”rnNationalism in Eastern Europe—August 1993—rnThomas Fleming on his visit to Serbia and Bosnia,rnTomislav Sunic on the myth of “Yugoslavia,”rnWayne Allensworth on Russia’s new right, andrnAlexander Yanov on Vladimir Zhirinovsky andrnRussia’s far-right opposition. Plus PhiliprnJenkins on the Croatian terrorist network andrnChihon Williamson’s review of George and DouglasrnBall’s The Passionate Attachment.rn’^^^:rn”^•ir.rn’om r4rn”l Nrnr ‘^^rnBACK ISSUE ORDER FORMrn1 to 4 issues $6.00 each ; 5 to 9 issues $3.50 each ;rn10 or more issues $2.50 each (postage & handhng included)rnDaternSeptember 1992rnOctober 1992rnNovember 1992rnDecember 1992rnJanuary 1993rnFebruary 1993rnQty. Cost DaternMarch 1993rnApril 1993rnMay 1993rnJune 1993rnJuly 1993rnAugust 1993rnQty. CostrnName_rnTotal Enclosed $rnAddressrnMail with check to: Chronicles * 934 North Main Street * Rockford, Illinois 61103rnrnrn