SignificantnNewnBool(snOrder from your bookstore or direct from tfienpublisher. Major credit cards accepted.nCall (201) 932-2280nTransaction PublishersnDepartment SNBnRutgers Universityntransaction New BruHSwick, NJ 08903nTHE DAWN OF THE PACIFIC CENTURYnIMPLICATIONS FOR THREE WORLDS OF DEVELOPMENTnWilliam McCordnChallenges conventional thinking about the Asian “miracle” ofndevelopment, the reasons for its success, and its implications fornthe rest of the world.nISBN: 0-88738-367-X (cloth) 224 pp. $29.95nSCIENCE, IDEOLOGY, AND THE MEDIAnTHE CYRIL BURT SCANDALnRonald FletchernFive years after his death in 1976, the distinguished British scientistnCyril Burt’s research on intelligence was challenged as fraudulent.nFletcher investigates the charges, showing why the case hasndisturbing implications for science as it is conducted today.nISBN: 0-88738-376-9 (Cloth) 196 pp. $29.95nMASTERS OF PARADISEnORGANIZED GRIME AND THE INTERNAL REVENUEnSERVICE IN THE BAHAMASnAlan A. BlocknPaints a devastating picture of a symbiotic relationship among offshorentax havens, sophisticated American criminals, andncomplacent public officials in the United States.nISBN: 0-88738-383-3 (Cloth) 276 pp. $29.95nTHE LONG PRETENSEnSOVIET TREATY DIPLOMACY FROMnLENIN TO GORBACHEVnArnold BeichmannWith a foreword by William F. Buckley, Jr.nBeichman’s history of Soviet treaty diplomacy raises importantnquestions about implications of the Soviet Union’s continuingncommitment to Marxism-Leninism as a guiding ideology inndiplomatic activities.nISBN: 0-88738-360-2 (cloth) 296 pp $32.95nTHE MYTH OF AMERICAN ECLIPSEnTHE NEW GLOBAL AGEnAlfred BalknConvincingly ct;iallenges the stereotype of an America in inexorableneconomic and geopolitical decline. Balk shows that the realnchallenge is shaping a democratically oriented, reindustrializing,nscientifically and technologically dominated “Americanized” world.nISBN: 0-88738-369-6 (cloth) 246 pp. $29.95nSEX DIFFERENCESnMODERN BIOLOGY AND THE UNISEX FALLACYnYves ChristennTranslated by Nicholas Davidsonn”Goes to the heart of the subject: the biological sources ofndifferences in behavior and the way they have guided the relationnbetween the sexes.” -Edward 0. Wilson, Harvard UniversitynISBN: 0-88738-869-8 (clOth) 256 pp. $29.95ntransaction publishersnnn