Horace II, xvinby Jack Flavinn”Otium divos rogat in patenti…”nTravellers caught out in the Aegean praynThe gods for calm seas when no stars light their waynAnd dark storm clouds hide the moon from marinersnIn a pall of gray.nEven battle-hardened warriors from ThracenAnd Medes with ornate quivers may sue for peacenThat neither jewels nor gold nor even royalnPurple may purchase.nNeither the lictor’s rods that clear the consul’snWay of rabble nor a king’s ransom expelsnThe mind’s troubles, for cares hover too aboven• Palatial panels.nHe lives well on little whose modest tablenIs laid with salt that shines from a paternalnCellar and whose slumbers no fear can troublenNo mean greed dispel.nWhy strive for so many goals in our brief span?nWhy should we seek lands warmed by a different sun?nCan an exile from his country flee his ownnSelf, his life, as well?nDull care will climb aboard warships beaked with bronze.nIt rides with squadrons of cavalry, outrunsnFleet deer, swifter than the East Wind that drives rainsnAnd clouds before it.nLet the soul rejoice in present happinessn,Nor care what lies ahead. A tough grin at fatenWill temper bitterness. There’s no such thing asnPure, unclouded bliss.nDeath stole away illustrious Achilles.nAge reduced Tithonus to senility.nWhat Fortune in an hour extends to you. ShenMay withhold from me.nYou own a hundred lowing herds of cattle.nA blooded mare neighs in your racing stable.nThe wool you wear is African, dyed double,nTo keep you from chill.nFate, ever chary, has lived up to Her name.nShe’s given me a small farm for my domain.nSome slight inspiration from a Greek Muse andnFor the mob, disdain.nnnJULY 1992/17n