cal leaders who would even discussrnsubjeetiug soldiers to degradation andrndisease hae alreadv declared moralrnbankruptcy.rn—R. Cort KirkwoodrnH U M A N F E T U S E S “can make yourrnskin snroother, vour bodv stronger, andrnare good for the kidneys,” sa’s a doctorrnat a hospital in Shenzcn, China. In anrneffort to exploit this diseover, London’srnDaily ‘I’elegmph reports, a growing numberrnof Chinese doctors arc selling abortedrnbabies to hungry consumers.rntrightcncd by the siJccter of overpopulation,rnthe Chinese government has decreedrnthat city dwellers may have onlyrnone child per household and that ruralrnfolk ma hac onlv two. As a result, reportsrnthe Herald of Glasgow, abortionsrnhae become a growth industry, with nornfewer than 7,000 a year conducted inrnShenzcn alone. The upshot is a hugernsuppK of dead babies for entrepreneursrnseeking to make their way in the marketorientedrnenvironment of today’s China.rnUsualK, however, doctors who performrnabortions just cat the fetuses themselves.rnAccording to the Telegraph, “Zoo Qin, arndoctor working at the Luo Hu Clinic inrnShen/en, said the fetuses were “nutritious’rnand claimed to have eaten 100rnherself in the past six months.”rnThe doctors steadfastly deny that theyrnseek to |5rofit from the demand for fetuses.rnAs one doctor told a reporter afterrnshowing him ten packaged fetuses, “Wernare a state hospital and do not charge.”rnNoting that the journalist looked a littlernill, he gestured at the fetuses and said,rn”Since vou don’t look well, you can takernthem.”rnThe Chinese have also long enjocd arngood disli of placenta, and according to arnseparate report published in the Telegraph,rnthev have recently resorted to eatingrnsnakes—namclv pit vipers and boarnconstrictors. Americans might recoilrnfrom a Jeffrey Dahmer diet, but b legalizingrnmurder, we have more or less decidedrnthat anything goes. In the I990’s,rnSwift’s “modest proposal” has begun tornlook, well, modest.rn—Michael Washburnrnthe leading advocates of states’ rightsrnand personal liberty, John C. Calhoun.rnDispelling popular myths about Calhoun,rnwhom historians liave slandered asrna bigot and a kook, the film reveals himrnas a profound thinker as well as a man ofrngreat personal integrity. ‘lb order the $25rnvideotape, call (800)’994-2323 or sendrna check to llncommon Media, P.O.rnBox 69006, Seattle, Washington, 98168.rnAlso now available is a videotape ofrnthe Southern League’s conference inrnChadeston last October, a meeting addressedrnby Thomas Fleming, MichaelrnI lill, and Clyde Wilson, among others.rnThis videotape can be obtained for $24rnfrom the Southern League, P.O. Boxrn40910, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35404-rn0910.rnThe following stores in Texas now sellrnClironicles: Borders Book Shop, 10720rnPreston Road, Dallas; Hastings Bookstore,rn600 North Center Street, Brownwood;rnHastings Bookstore, 5526 BosquernBoulevard, Waco: Media Pla, MemorialrnCity, Houston; Media Plav, AlmedarnSquare, Houston; Bookstop, Post Oak,rnHouston; BR News, 3208 Guadalupe,rnAustin; Bookstop, 4001 North Lamar,rnAustin; B & N Superstore, 10000rnResearch Boulevard, Austin; B & NrnSuperstore, 8525 Airport Freeway, NorthrnRichland Hills; Bookstop Inc., 721rnCentral Expressway #300, Piano.rnHubrisrnby Harold McCmdyrnElvis has shaken his pehisrnWith wondrous effect, and wroughtrnIn catamite and eunuchrnFirestorms of sensual thought.rnThe priestesses of SophiarnHave drawn like carrion fliesrnSwarms of brutal playboysrnTo the nectar between their thighs.rnAt century’s end AmericarnWirllows in uncurbed sex.rnAnd tops it off by severingrnSweet faces from swan-like necks.rnNot yet has St. \4rlt Whitman,rnSt. Anthony, or St. JohnrnTaught us the art of bondingrnThe rump to the head-bone.rnDisorder is the payoff.rnDisorder and disease.rnAnd neither of them has brought us,rnPenitent, to our knees.rnO B I T E R DICTA: CKXIC Wilson, a frequentrncontributor to these pages, hasrncollaborated with fellow historian OttornScott to produce I’he Meaning of Calhounrn’lixlav, a docuuK’ntary about one ofrnSEPTEMBER 1995/7rnrnrn