all school-age children in America will be from minoritynpopulations. Amnesty of illegals is now to include theirnfamilies; such may “run to a million,” according to INSnspokesman Duke Austin, spouses and children becomingneligible for welfare permits.nThe irony is that while America is opening its borders tonmulti-ethnicity, Europe is closing its (Italy even evolving anMcCarran-Walter quota system of its own). With thenabolition of frontiers pan-Europe sees the spectacle ofnfloating work forces (Vietnamese, Sri Lankan, Zairian,nwhatever) moving freely from country to country andndisplacing indigenous workers. Sri Lankan Tamils havenalready violently resisted deportation at London’s HeathrownAirport, even stripping off their trousers in protest. It is by nonmeans alarmist to see networks of smugglers and forgersnentering eventual pan-Europe as tourists when documentation,nalready minimal, will be nonexistent.nSo when the Senate passed a measure that would excludenillegal aliens from Social Security and disability payments,nliberals called it “punitive” and the ACLU “unfair,” althoughnIdi Amin was allowed to get away with expellingn26,000 Asians. Unfair, let us add, to those who should bynrights be subject to deportation, and punitive to ournexchequer—in 1986 the U.S. government paid more thann26/CHRONICLESnWomankind and Poesy: A Parablenby Tom Dischn$17 million in Social Security benefits to illegal aliens.nOutside the law itself we find tax-levying bodies relaxing ornbreaking it, as when CUNY (City University of New York)ngranted reduced tuition for “undocumented” aliens. As onenwho taught within CUNY I can assure the reader that itsnhumanitarian stance in this regard was commingled with ansneaking desire for survival. Its financial aid offices encouragenas many students as possible, since without students thencolleges would not exist. Bilingualism becomes a mustnunder such circumstances, just to hold class.nAnd in the immigrant-rich states (New York, California,nFlorida) bilingualism is such that there will soon be nonnecessity for newcomers to this country to speak English atnall. As for American history, the representative of annimmigrant rights coalition has said, “It is nice to know whonwas the first President of the United States, but it’s notnnecessary.” With a third of Inner London now ethnic thenBritish critic Russell Lewis depicts welfare-state immigrationnin words that could well be applied to America: “Innpost-Beveridge Britain we have tended more and more tonthink of membership of our democracy as a ticket, enablingnthe holder to join in a squalid scramble for benefits, insteadnof as a privilege, a share in a decent and just, even a greatnsociety.” , <^n”Because formal poetry has an obvious place in the male tradition, manyncontemporary feminist poets have rejected it completely, accused womennof working in those traditions of buying into the patriarchy.”n— from a review in Open PlacesnCassandra stood outside the gatenScarce able to express her hatenFor traitors to their sex whose versenWould rhyme or scan. On them her curse:nShould any woman ever writenAs patriarchal acolytenLet her sisters ever treat hernStrictly as her strictest meter,nBinding tight her tender feetnAnd beating her when she would cheatnBy throwing in an anapest.nThen round about her swelling chestnLet constraining couplets windnTill she cry out to Womankind:n0 my dear sistersnforgive me if you cann1 have been writing like anpatriarchnbut now I’ve seen the errornof my waysnand by GaeanI’m free!nnn