CHRONICLES’ BACK ISSUES, TAPES, AND BOOKSrnThe Rockford Institute’s Northern Italian ConviviumrnITALY FROM ROME TO NAPOLEON—Audiotape—Thomas Fleming traces thernhistor’ of Italy from the days of ancient Rome tfirough the 18th century. Addressing thernthree regions of modem haly, he discusses the formation of the system of patronage, thernevolution of the Roman Republic, and the surprising level of liberty that local communitiesrnenjoyed during the early years of the Roman Empire.rnTap€#:REIl $12.50rnHABSBURG ITALY—Audiotape—Looking at three periods of rule by the CatholicrnHabsburgs in Northern Italy—the Thirty Years War; the tumultuous 150 years that followed;rnand the period of 1815-1859, which ended with the expulsion of the Habsburgsrnfrom Italy—Scott P Richert discusses patriotism, regionalism, and empire, and evaluatesrnthe reign of the Habsburgs through the lens of our own political and social experience.rnTape#:REI2 $12.50rnMANZONI AND 19TH-CENTURY ITALY—Audiotape—Pio Nono squares offrnagainst the unholy trinity of Garibaldi, Mazzini, and Cavour as Thomas Fleming spins thisrncompelling tale of the 19th-century fight for the soul of Italy. Against this backdroprnemerges Alessandro Manzoni, the greatest figure of modem Italian literature, who helpedrnturn the nafion of Italy from a republican conspiracy into an ideal.rnTape #: RED $12.50rnTHE RISORGEVIENTO—Audiotape—Those Americans who know anything aboutrnthe unificafion of modem Italy imagine that the Risorgimento was a popular revoluuonrnlike our own in 1776, Not so, says Awenire correspondent Maurizio Blondet, who arguesrnthat the RisornivKnto represented a violent detachjneni of the people of Italy from theirrnpast, their kings, and their popes through the actions of extremist minorifies.rnTape #: REM $12.50rnFASCIST ITALY/FASCIST AMERICA—Audiotape—FDR holds a place of prominencernin the American political pantheon, up there with Abraham Lincoln and MartinrnLuther King, Jr Yet, in the words of Srdja Trifkovic, “Roosevelt was a more deleteriousrnfigure than Benito Mussolini, and his legacy proved to be more damaging to America thanrnII Duce’s was to Italy.” Was FDR more of a fascist than Mussolini?rnTape#;REI5 $12.50rnMANZONI, THE BRIANZA, AND THE LAGO—Audiotape—Italian literary scholarrnFrancesco Badolato introduces us to the greatest work of modem Italian literaniie, /rnpromessi sposi {The Betrothed) by Alessandro Manzoni. In a wonderful companion piecernto this important novel. Badolato evokes a sense of the time and landscape in which thisrngreat love story is set.rnTape#:REI7 $12.50rnITALY AND THE UNITED STATES: 1860 TO PRESENT—Audiotape—ThomasrnFleming and Clyde Wilson discuss the parallels between American history and die historyrnof modem Italy: Each nafion was forged in civil wars fiiat pitted Jacobins against tradition,rnsoil, religion, and family. Each was further centtalized by strongmen in the 1930’s,rnand both face serious political challenges from decenfi-alist movements today.rnTape#:REI8 $12.50rnTHE REEMERGING ITALIAN RIGHT—Audiotape—Kick back widi a bottle ofrngood Chianti and listen as Italian pohtical insider and one-time Russell Kirk groupie MarcornRespinti provides a sobering yet optimistic look at die current Italian political scene.rnThe challenges that face our Italian brothers are remarkably like those confronted byrnAmerican lovers of family and liberty.rnTape#:REI9 $12.50rn”THE RISE (AND FALL?) OF MODERN ITALY” COLLECTORS’ SET—EightrnAudiotapes and One Bacli Issue—This collection includes the taped proceedings of thernMay 2000 Convivium, “The Rise (and Fall?) of Modem Italy” (tape #s REI1, REI2, REI3,rnREM, REI5, REI7, REI8, and KEB). and a free copy of the August 2000 issue of Chroniclesrn(back issue # T008). A savings of $27.00.rnSet#:REIS $80.00rn”THE END OF THE AMERICAN CENTURY” COLLECTORS’ SET—Four Audiotapesrnand One Back Issue—This collection includes die taped proceedings of thernApril 1999 Chronicles conference, “The End of die American Century” (tape #s RDAl,rnRDA2, RDA3, and RDA4), and a free copy of file August 1999 issue of Chronicles (backrnis,sue#T998). A savings of $17.00.rnSet#:RDAS $40.00rnSpecial OflFer: With any order over $50, you will receive a free copy of the October 1997 issue of Chronicles.rnIMPERIAL PRESIDENCY—October 1997—Patrick J. Buchanan on Mr. Lincoln’s War, Samuel Francis on the demise of checks and balances. Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr, onrnexecutive branch evils, and Donald Livingston and Thomas Naylor on die real meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. Plus Thomas Reming on how presidents became our masters andrnMarian Kester Coombs on the attempt to feminize mathemafics.rnBack Issue #:T970 $7.00rnProduct Order FormrnNamernAddressrnCitv/State/Ziprn1 ] Check or money order enclosedrnPlease bill my: Q MasterCard Q Visa Q AmexrnCard#rnExpiration DaternSignaturernPlease mail form (with payment) to:rnChronicles/ProductsrnP.O. Box 800rnMount Morris, IL 61054rn2 or, t o o r d e r t o l l – f r e e , call 1 – 8 0 0 – 3 9 7 – 8 1 6 0rn<rnProduct Code Quantity Unit PricernSubtotalrn20% Discount (on orders over $50)rnTotal Pricern-rnShipping & Handling I N C L U D E DrnTax-Deductible Donation to The Rockford InstituternTotalrn+rnexpires 1/31/02rnrnrn