f77ie^/o/i/i fTia/n/o/p/i G/(t6 Comes to ChicagornHow well do you know your Constitution?rnTake this quiz:rnThe l4th AmendmentrnThe 17th AmendmentrnThe 18th AmendmentrnThe 19th Amendmentrn• Good Idearn• Good Idearn• Good Idearn• Good IdearnLearn the answers on . .rnnrn• Bad Idearn• Bad Idearn• Bad Idearn• Bad IdearnOctober 6-/ 2000rnChronicles: A Magazine of American Culture Presents:rnThe 11th Annual Meeting ofrnTHE JOHN RANDOLPH CLUBrnjoin . . .rnChronicles editor Thomas Fleming .JZL’ZT’l..rnSyndicated columnist Samuel FrancisrnNorthwestern University Raoul Berger Professor of Legal History Stephen PresserrnChicago radio celebrity and Sun-Times columnist Tom RoeserrnAntiwar.com founder Justin RaimondornMan of letters Bill KauffmanrnOld West scholar and TV star Roger McGrathrn. . . and others as they debatern’The Constitution: A Living Document or a Dead One?”rnTHE CHICAGO ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIONrn12 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUErnCHICAGO, ILLINOISrns^^rnLODGINGrnA limited number of rooms are available atrnthe Chicago Athletic Association at a special raternof $150.”°/night (single/double occupancy)rnuntil September 13, 2000.rnCall: (312)236-7500rnMention the John Randolph ClubrnSpecial Saturday Night DebaternResolved: “A Right to Life Amendment is the solution to the abortion tragedy.”rnNAME(S) (AS THEY SHOULD APPEAR ON NAME TAGS)rnADDRESSrnFULL REGISTRATION (PANELS, FRIDAY NIGHT RECEPTION AND OPENING ADDRESS,rnSATURDAY NIGHT RECEPTION. DINNER, DEBATE, AND SONGFEST)rnSATURDAY PANELS ONLY (No MEALS OR RECEPTIONS)rnJRC MEMBER -rnNON-MEMBER .rnMEMBER OR NON-MEMBER [email protected] $195.”°”[email protected]$225.'”‘”=$_rn$ 95.â„¢”=$_rnTOTAL ENCLOSED $_rnI cannot attend the annual meeting, but I would like it to be a success. Enclosed is my contribution of $rnMake checks payable to The John Randolph Club and mail with completed form tornJRC, The Rockford Institute, 928 N. Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103rnrnrn