What all three gentlemen seem tonshare are the notions that psychoanalysisnhas not changed in the last 50 years, andnthat if psychoanalysts aren’t totally innagreement with conservatives on allnpoints of doctrine, then psychoanalystsnare leftists. In attempting to undo thensometimes-pathological hypocrisy ofnVictorian times, the infency of psychoanalysisnwas relatively permissive; it isnno longer so. To the extent that psychoanalysisnclaims to be empirical, it doesnnot espouse specific moralities. ThisnAcknowledgmentsnIn an otherwise sleazy, ahistorical,nprevaricative article entided “The Returnnof Cold War Liberalism,” The Nation^nthat bastion of the Eastern high-powered,nmoneyed, pro-Soviet Establishment,nmakes clear what might have been confiisingnto those who supported the antiwarnmovement during the 1960’s andn70’s.n[T]he radicals made the movementn(TheNation’s italics).nThat’s exactly what we’ve been sayingnall along. And organs like The Nationntrumpeted the lie that it was the Americannnation that rejected the war. So wenrepeat it now: people who were objectiven(our italics) tools of the Sovietnraison d’etat, and of the communistnideological allegiance feeing a timorousnPresidency, contrived and manipulatednthe naivete of the masses in the servicenof a revolutionary global strategy. Thanks,nNation… DnThe Organ of TastenIn New York magazine—whereinngarment-district people sell elegance—nJOl’RN.M.ISMndoes not make it antimoral any morenthan medicine is antimoral. Nor does itnmean that psychoanalysts do not havenmorals or believe in morality. Insofer asnpsychoanalysts offer treatment, like surgeonsnor ophthalmologists, they do notnrequire that their patients share eitherntheir political ideology or their morality.nWhat is most interesting is that much ofnwhat psychoanalysts have discovered tonbe developmentally optimal for growthninto mature, responsible adulthood isncongruent with much that conservativesnhave been advocating all along. Dnwe recently observed a photographicndisplay of some of the precious objectsnincluded in A La Vieille Russie’s (thenFifth Avenue art gallery) exhibitionnfeaturing the work of Carl Faberge, thenfamous 19th-century goldsmith andnjeweler of the Imperial Court. In NewnYork’s spread we could see costiy artifectsnin brass, gold, and enamel; therenwere pictures not only of the last Czarnbut also of Stalin and Gorki, who couldneasily be identified as Nicholas’s indirectnmurderers. There was the cigarette casenof the Grand Duke Alexis as well as copiesnof Pravda itadlzvestia—^the latter datednMarch 1983, which can hardly be classifiednas an antique. This unlikely assemblagengives us the impression that it wasndesigned by the sort of people whonwould be thrilled to lay hands on Andropov’snfelse teeth. The whole melangennnamounts to a sort of subtie, pro-Sotietnpropaganda. And as for taste, it would beninteresting if we could know what thenresponse of gospodin Nabokov or gaspodinnErte would have been to the sensenof taste displayed by the comrades ofnNew York’s editorial offices. DnBut My Mommy Said…nTo see if his delight over ArthurnKoestler’s recent suicide was justifiable,none Alexander Cockbum of the VillagenVoice recendy phoned home to England.nAfter his mother profanely assured himnthat it was all right to gloat over the deathnof such “a bastard,” the son skipped tonhis typewriter to share his mother’s elegandynphrased opinion with the worldnand, incidentally, to reveal how he acquirednthe peculiar historical and literarynsensibilities that make him so usefiilnto YV. Thus, in explaining Koestier’snrelease from the prisons of fescist Spain,nCockbum wrote:nThe Communists organized a worldwidencampaign to save him. He wasnreleased and returned to England tonissue a savage denunciation of communism.nHis name was always mudnaround the Cockbum household.nSo was it around Stalin’s hearth. It was, ofncourse, the British, not the communists,nwhose intervention saved Koesder fromnexecution, and his “savage denunciationnof covavpAxmsa^”’ Darkness atNoori, wasnhardly a work of ingratitude but rathernone of profound insight into the realitiesnof a system which has destroyed feir morenhuman lives than all the fascist regimesnput together. But, naturally, for a son ofnMrs. Cockbum, bastardizing the tmth isnjust fort of the genetic programming. DnInspiring BoundlessnConfidencenHere’s one sample, which is as endemicnas any, of the way the liberal pressndeals with the news and asks us for ournlimitiess tmst:n^Si49nJuly 1983n