Tin: AII:RI( AN PROSC I:MIMnThe Gravediggers of ReasonnAnyone who watches the interactionnof life and history is bound to notice,nsooner or later, that the most potentnmoving force in human affairs is plainnstupidity. Class struggle, spiritual elan,nall the forces of societal sacrifice are certainlynpowerful factors, but they do notnmatch the power of simple asininity.nThus, nations or states that were successfulnin asserting a certain degree of reasonableness—throughneither democratic ornauthoritarian means—all based theirnperiods of prosperity upon the peremptorynsuppression of foolishness by wisdom.nOnly in latter-day America donstupidity and wisdom have equal rights.nThe rampant “antinuclear” movementnin the current global situation,nhowever much it is explicated by sagesnand moralists, is—at the bottom—an actnof spectacular witlessness. What it actuallynoffers are better and betternschemes for paralyzing the U.S. government—which,nof course, guarantees thenmovement’s existence. Not one amongnits prophets and ideologists has come upnwith an idea for overpowering thenSoviets, the implacable adversary of us,nthe U.S., and anyone else on earth whonopposes them. An antinuclear cmsadernwho can figure out what the Sovietsnwould do after we were rendered powerlessnand still arrive at the notion that war,nconquest, and subjugation would beneliminated has the mental capacity of anShakespearean Bottom.nThe Soviets must destroy us in order tonsurvive as an embodiment of communistndoctrioe. If even Greenland remained asnthe only democracy on a planet otherwisenconquered by communism, it still wouldnbe declared a threat by the Kremlin—nand correctly so, for the last flicker ofnfreedom will always be the ultimatenmenace to the Soviet ideological thuggery.nIf the covenant with a better life isnunder the protection of America, a worldnpower, the Kremlin cannot rest untilnAmerica is annihilated—whethernthrough subversion, attrition by a chainnof small defeats like Vietnam, incendiarynChronicles of Cultttrenactivities around our perimeters, or,nfinally, all-out war. The antinuclearnmovement—having not the slightest impactnon Soviet policies, intentions,ndesigns, and acts—therefore makes warninevitable. The more it grows, the morenthe Soviets will be obliged to be notnWolfe’s ComplaintnA moving human-interest storynbased on a heartrending confessionnwarmly illuminated a recent issue of ThenNation—the cold-blooded organ of procommunistndialecticians. The journal’sncontributor, one Alan Wolfe—a professornat Queens College in New York whononce admitted that, according to his conscience,nAmerica’s woes are the best pros­npects for a better world—registers bothnhis disenchantment with Soviet Russianand his disgust with the FBI. Mr. Wolfenwas astonished at being approached bynthe KGB to serve the sacred cause ofncommunism and its spiritual center—ndespite the fact that he once wrote a booknthat, in his own words:nwas an effort to show that anti-Sovietnnnstupid and to use such a serendipity asnAmerica incapacitated by internal moralnwarfare. In the end, any Soviet leaderntme to his calling will be tempted to announcenthe ultimate bingo—and thatntemptation will swell in direct proportionnto the ascent of the “movement.”nJOtRNALISM Jnhysteria in the United States hadnmore to do with American domesticnpolitics than with Soviet foreignnpolicy.nHe is equally and painfully appallednby the FBI’s subsequent attempt to knownof anything that happens with or maynhappen to Prof. Wolfe, an American citizen,none who is deeply contemptuous ofnthe intellectual finesse of the Americanncounterintelligence functionaries. Henclaims that the FBI’s visit is an example ofn”the effort. … by the Reagan Administrationnto discredit the peace movement.n” As a frenetic freezenik, or antinukenik,nall Mr. Wolfe cares about is thatnmovement. He moans:nBut so many people these days arenconcerned about charges of disinformationnand Soviet attempts tonpenetrate the U.S. peace movementnthat a comment from one object ofnthis attention seems in order.nHis complaint culminates thus:nMy visit from the F.B.I, agents, theirndenials to the contrary, was clearly inspirednby Reagan’s charge that thenSoviet Union is pulling the strings ofnthe U.S. peace movement. This, tonanyone involved in these matters, isnnonsense, and there has been a goodndeal of righteous denunciation ofnsuch blatant attempts to influencenthe domestic dialogue.nNonsense or not, there’s a clue in thisnaltercation that needs clarification.nNeither Mr. Wolfe nor the FBI, norPresi-n