IS AMERICAN CULTUREnON A SINKING SHIP?nChristianity and Civilization: The new, thoughtprovokingnand informative journal of Christiannthought; thoroughly Biblical, comprehensively catholic,nand distinctively Reformed.nVOLUME ONE: The Failure of the AmericannBaptist Culture*n”The Failure of American Baptist Culture” might seem a puzzling topicnfor a symposium of essays, but the contention of the editors.. .is thatnAmerican culture or civilization has been, in the main, a Baptist modificationnof old catholic and Reformed culture. The New Christian Right, in itsnattempts to stem the tide of degeneracy in American life, is a Baptisticnmovement, and… finds itself in a condition of crisis, confusion, andnindeed impotence. The thesis the editors are setting forth.. .is that AmericannChristianity must return to a full-orbed Biblical and Augustinianntheology, and set aside Baptistic individualism, if it is to have anything tonsay to modem problems — indeed, if it is to survive.nMost Christians who have wrestled with the question of infant baptismn(or paedobaprism), over agiinst professor’s baprism (the Baptist position)n, have noticed that each side seemingly has strong Biblical argumentsnfor its case. For several centuries, theologians and preachers have hurlednBible texts and theological arguments back and forth without convincingneither side…nWhat, then, is the true character of the debate between Baptists andnpaedobaptists, between independents and catholics? That character is presuppositional,nrather than exegetical. The purpose of the essays in thisnsymposium is to expose these presuppositions, so that a more intelligentndiscussion of the problems can ensue.n*300 pp., kivar bound, 6″x 9″nSubscription InformationnChristianity and Civilization is a semi-annual journal of Christiannthought published by Geneva Divinity School, Tylei, TX.nSubscriptions: $28.00 for a two-year, four issue subscription.nL.nPublication SchedulenVolume One: The Failure of the American Baptist Culturen(Spring, 1982)nVolume Two: The Theology of Christian Resistancen(Fall, 1982)nVolume Three: The Tactics of Christian Resistancen(Spring, 1983)nVolume Four: The Reconstruction of the Christian Churchn(Fall, 1983)nPARTIAL TABLE OF CONTENTSnPART I: THE CRISIS OF AMERICAN BAPTIST CULTUREnTHE INTELLECTUAL SCHIZOPHRENIA OF THE NEW CHRISTLVN RIGHTnBy Gary North • 1nTHE MORAL MAJORITY: AN ANABAPTIST CRITIQUE? (an extendednreview of Robert E. Webber’s The Moral Majority: Right or Wrong?)nBy James B. Jordan 77nMEDIA THEO-POP (an extended review of Richard Quebedeaux’s Bj WhatnAuthority: The Rise of Personality Cults in American Christianity)nBy Michae! R, Gilstrafi 99nPART II: BACKGROUND STUDIES IN BAPTIST THOUGHTnAND CULTUREnBAPTISM, REDEMPTIVE HISTORY, AND ESCHATOLOGY:nTHE PARAMETERS OF DEBATEnBy P. Richard Flinn IllnTHE BAPTIST FAILUREnBy Ray R. Sutton 152nCHRISTIANITY AND RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: A LETTER TOnTHE REVEREND KEMPER D. SMITHnBy Craig S. Bulkeley 244nFour Issues Only $28.00! A 30% savings off of the single copy pricenChristianity & Civilization 708 Hamvassy Ln. Tyler, TX 75701nQ I enclose $28.00. Please send me the first four issues of Christianity and Civilization as they are released. I understand that Volume One will benshipped immediately, but that volumes two thru four have not yet been published.nD I enclose $9.95 for volume one of Christianity and Civilization, The Failure of the American Baptist Culture. Please keep me posted as to whennother volumes will be released.nD I would like a free, six-month subscription to Geneva Divinity School’s two newsletters, Calvin Speaks and The Geneva Papers. [Offer good onlynwith purchase]nNAMEnADDRESSnCITY STATE ZIPnnn