JOURNALISMnHere We Go AgainnAs if there were not already enoughnevidence that American press coveragenhelped North Vietnam and the Vietcongnto achieve their goals in Indochina, nowncomes the ultimate proof. Somewhere innthe highest reaches of the communists’nstrategic global command a decision hasnbeen made: let in American reporters.nEXiring the Vietnam War, only declarednsupporters—we call them traitors—andnwell-checked Soviet sympathizers werenallowed to come to Hanoi and receivenproper brainwashing to further “thencause” in America. Now, after the objectivenvalue of the services of all the Fitzgeralds,nDellingers etaliihas been testednand deemed propitious for the revolution,nword has gone out from the conceptualistsnin Moscow to the operatives innHavana: the San Salvadorean guerrillasnare to admit any journalist who wishes tonpay them a visit. Reporters from the NewnYork Times ot Rolling Stone will pose nonrisk, and anyone from the WashingtonnAn American’ Miscellanyn^HILLSDALEnREVIEWnIs CapiUlism Still Viable?nRussell KirknOxford, Isaiah Berlin andUuman FreedomnB. Nelson OngnThe Rule of Law at Bay Valentina E. MartineznDrinks at the Jumping JerusalemnRalph de ToledanonReturn to Verona Linda BridgesnLucicn Collins adminsters extreme unction tonTrue Confessions • S. J. Masty excoriates thenbarbaric metal • Keith Bower on the LizardnKing • Initocent Smith upbraids the idols ofnthe maritelplace • Poetry by Charles G. Belln48inChronicles of CulturenPost or ABC can do nothing but good.nThey are so right. CBS has already reportednfrom behind the lines about thentouching youthfulness of the armed rebelsnwho play soccer in every minute theyncan spare from murdering wayward peasants—anmovingly human trait. Now,nsome outfit called the Cox News Servicenhas issued a newsroom poem (eagerly reprintednby the Chicago Tribune) entitledn”Love is still in bloom in harsh El Salvador.”nIn it are some gems of well-placednsentimentality:nRomance is alive and well in guerrillaheldnterritory across Chalatenangonprovince. ‘Love does not end with war;nit continues,’ remarked Marlin, a 20year-oldnguerrilla saboteur, as hensqueezed his girlfriend, Roxana. “Thenrevolution even makes love more passionatenbecause we are comrades.’nHow correct are those old pros innMoscow! How reliable the Americannnnpress is! It will take only a few months ofnthis kind of “objective,” “truthful,”n”humanitarian,” “authentic” reportingnbefore thousands of Americans descendnon Washington, D.C. to manifest theirnfury abour a war which is waged by anmurderous, antisexual junta againstntender young lovers. DnSubtle CantnMr. Drew Middleton is the NewnYork Times’s military expert. He’s beennaround a long time, and he is highly respected,nalthough God only knows why.nPerhaps it is because the respectability ofnthe Times’s employees has become a sortnof sociocultural given in America—nwhich, in turn, may account for some ofnAmerica’s direst woes. The last is a contentionnthat will be proved only overntime—enthusiasts may call it history—nbut, although we have only instinct tontell us so, we’re quite confident thatn* HILLSDALE REVIEWnAn American MiscellanynThe Hillsdale Review provides a much needed forum for young conservativenwriters in an antagonistic society. It continues the tradition ofnthe high-quality literary quarteriy while paying special attention to thenunderlying origins of current American thought.nSince 1979 r,6eHz//j-^ti’has been gathering a large number ofnfaithful readers, attacking worn-out cliches of the intellect, and analyzingnthe future trend of our culture with style, wit, and (we hope) refreshingninsight.nWe would like to introduce you to the Review with an invitation tontead what has been perhaps our most controversial issue to date. OurnSummer number (1981) dealt with the sexual revolution and launchednseveral salvos at the accretion of cant and hyperbole surrounding thatnsubject. The issue comprises a stimulating and provocative assault on thenroots of modern sexual morality.nPast and present contributors to the Review include Russell Kirk,nGeorge Gilder, Joseph Sobran, Gerhan Niemeyer, E. Michael Jones,nand Ralph de Toledano.nFor your free sample issue, write today to The Hillsdale Review, IV)nHillsdale Street, Hillsdale, MI 49242.n