dom, whose high priests preach libertynof opinion but live by intolerance andnsuppression of views. Thus, we rejoicednwhen reading the most recent offeringnfrom New York City. It is entitled thenCultural Watchdog Newsletter, with ansubtitle: “Reviewing the Reviewers.”nIt is published by an energetic gentlemannby the name of Louis Ehrenkrantz,nwho is a radio personality, a man ofnletters and a stockbroker. “The conceptnthat ideas should be tested by examiningntheir relationship to the truth rathernthan to fashionable trends is not anneasy one to accept,” writes Mr. Ehrenkrantz,nand we cannot agree more. ThenCultural Watchdog tries to find somenhope in a jungle of amplified nonsensenand sifts through the plethora of technologicallynfabricated culture—thanksnto technology, everything can be cheaplynprinted nowadays. Mr. Ehrenkrantznseems to be a devotee of the traditionaln—which does not mean outmoded—rationalism,nand brings back into focusnbetter times, when liberalism, reasonnand decency were still interconnected. DnTitne ‘s DementianSensationalisnThere’s a school of thinking whichncan be termed “The Dirty UnderwearnCausality,” which explains anything bynprinciples of sexual physiology. Its entirendialectic can be summed up in thenterrorist commandment: “Thou betternbelieve it, unless thou are a poor suckernwho knows nothing of what life is reallynabout!” Of late, even respected organsnof the American press intensely promotenthis disgusting pub sagacity in theirnpages. Time seems to be among thenchief exponents of the trend.nIn a feature entitled “Football asnErotic Ritual—Are the Guys on thenGridiron Really Gay.”” Time reportsn(with a sort of contained reverence) onnthe findings of an anthropologist fromnCalifornia who claims that “football isna homosexual ceremony.” As proof, thenscientist cites the usage of words liken^^mmmmmmm^^^nChronicles of Culturen”score,” “down,” “piling on,” “popping”na player, which he claims have beennadopted by athletes from the homoeroticnvocabulary of the homosexuals. Anyonenwith a minimum of good sense wouldnobserve that exactly the opposite is true,nand that erotic slang, both homo- andnheterosexual has, since the beginning ofnathletics, converted the sport nomenclaturesnand imageries into sexual metaphors.nBut the “scholar” appears to benundaunted by the obvious and concludes:n”Football is a ritualized formnof homosexual rape. The winners feminizenthe losers by getting into theirnend zone.” If, instead of anthropology,nhe focused on history, he would benclaiming that “Down with the king!”ncalled not for revolution but for somenhomosexual delight.nThus, the question is: Why does Timenprominently publicize and advertisensuch absurd rubbish.’ Why do its editorsnjudge it worth presenting to their readers.”nIs there an immense contempt fornthe readership, or some murky, inexplicablencompulsion to promote viciousnidiocy.” What is Time waging the fightnagainst: America’s common sense.” Thenpublic’s preference for normalcy as annacknowledged value.” And who has commissionednTime, its editors and writers,nto fight this battle.^’ DnGannett News Service’snPearls of WisdomnIn a super-laudatory book review entitled:n”How to Survive Being a Mistress,”nthe Gannett News Service makesnthe entire world aware of an epochalndiscovery:n”According to Sands (the authoressnof a fascinating study: The Mistress’nSurvival Manual) sexual liberationncreated a climate that is conducivento affairs and the accessibility of divorcenand the failure of numerousnmarriages gives hopes to the mistressnvifhose lover is presently married tonanother woman.” UnnnParade’s Moral Tasten”Walter Scott,” the modern Sundaynconscience of America, answers a concernednreader in Parade:n”Q. If Howard Baker wins a thirdnterm as U.S. Senator from Tennessee,nwill he run for the RepublicannPresidential nomination in 1980?nSince his wife was an alcoholic thenway Joan Kennedy was an alcoholic,nwill that impede his chances.”—J.D.L.,nMadisonville, Tenn.nA. Baker is the most popular politiciannin Tennessee at this time. Henwill surely win a third term in thenU.S. Senate and will be considered anpotential Presidential candidate bynhis party. Since his wife Joy has conquerednher affinity for alcohol—asnhave Joan Kennedy and Betty Ford—nshe has proved that she is a lady ofncharacter and determination, capablenof fulfilling her duties.”nNow, according to Parade’s marchingnband ethics, character and determinationnin women, and their capabilitynof fulfilling duties, would seem to benconnected to alcoholism. In simplernterms: one proves the value of one’snpersonality through overcoming one’snimpulses and weaknesses. A paperbacknmanicheism, to be sure, but of a peculiarlynlow-brow stamp—not beforen”Walter Scott” has explained the reasonsnwhich led the above-mentionednladies to boozing, can we accord theirnrecovery a redeeming value. If not,nwhere do we find words to describe thenworth of women who do not drink themselvesninto hebetude, even when facednby concrete and serious adversities.-‘nAnother gem from the Sunday NewspapernMagazine ‘s “Walter Scott”:n”Q. Can you tell me how manynwomen special agents there are in thenFBI and whether the late J. EdgarnHoover was a homosexual who dislikednwomen.’ — E. L., Washington,nD.C.n