through the 1945-1951 period in hisncountry, immediately recognizes thatnNicaragua under the Sandinistas’nyoke is a precise replica of the EasternnEuropean model of the so-calledn”people’s democracy,” where ruthlessnatrocities are committed toninstall the iron-clad communist socialninfrastructure of power, which wouldnmake any political opposition andnprotest impossible. In EasternnEurope, under the avuncular protectionnof the Red Army, the processncould be as brutal, underhanded, andninvisible, as the West could nevernimagine. In the neighborhood of thenAmerican howitzers across the Hondurannborder, the merry bustling ofnRussian, Cuban, and native experts onnhuman enslavement have to do somenwindow dressing. Organizations likenU.S. Out of Central America, withntheir loads of Berrigans, Catholicn”nuns,” Ramsey Clarks, Pete Seegersnand ail assortments of fellow travelers,nwill help. Ships of useful foolsnwith Nobel Prize distinctions willnbring supplies and encouragement.nIn 1945, iiti Nuremberg, we definednthe meaning of war crimes and warncriminals. Sooner or later, mankindnwill have to understand and define thensignificance of peace criminals. Therenare plenty of them among us. DnNon-Sentimental EducationnThe magnimde of mental confusion innwhich this society exists—actually,nconsidered normal and permanent bynhistorians endowed with a sense ofnhumor—overwhelms us on occasion. InnAugust, three months before the election,na Gallup poll found that WalternMondale and his ultra-liberal DemocraticnParty are believed by the majority ofnAmericans to be better suited “to improventhe quality of public education”nthan President Reagan and his conservativenRepublicans. Nothing short ofndespair will invade the mind of annAmerican who can remember the rapidndownfall and disintegration of then34inChronicles of CulturenAmerican public education that began innthe mid-60’s with the wild experimentationnby liberal doctrinaires and psychologicalncharlatans who took over thenNEA—their storm troopers’ organization.nIt was then when education hadnabandoned its goal of forming characternthrough knowledge and became thendistributor of ideological cliches aboutnthe transformation of society and thendestruction of antiquated pride in whatnAmerica was, is, and should be. A narrow-minded,nif not nasty, vision of annumnoored value-fi:ee individualism hadnbeen declared the civic ideal. Twentynyears later, the big city schools all overnthe country have been transformed intonffighbrow PrattlenLet us praise famous men for theirnunique ability to talk foolishness and benadmired for what they say. Here is ProfnArthur Schlesinger, lui meme, in thenWall Streetjoumal:nWhere Washington seems to regardnthe East European satellites as feithfulncreatures of the Kremlin, West Europeansnsee them as restless, discontentednand, from the Soviet viewpoint,nquite unreliable. Where the WestnEuropeans favor the uSe of trade apdncultural exchange to promote thenindependence of the satellites, thenReagan policy, they fear, is driving thensatellites into greater dependence onnthe Soviet Union.nAnyone with a more discriminatensense of the factual, and a better recall ofncontemporary history than the famednhistorian would renfiember, with a sigh,nthat since at least 1956 we have donennothing but promote trade and culturalnexchange with the captive nations thenprofessor calls “sateUites.” Under Kennedy,nJohnson, and Nixon we exchangednwith Poland, for one, so muchn.lOlRNM ISMnnnenclaves of random but lethal crime,nwhere bathrooms became places of sexnand mugging. Playgrounds turned intonstock exchanges for drugs. It was all thenvision and the creation of liberal Democratsntheoretically fortified by the liberalnintellectual establishment, fiercelynprotected by the liberal Supreme Court,nand by the liberal bureaucracy in D.C.nentrenched there by Kennedy, Johnson,nand Carter. And now, in 1984, thenAmerican public stUl thinks that thosenwho have smashed to pieces the old,nprecious timepiece should be morentrusted with fixing it than those whonhave discovered the damage and thenloss. nnculturally that we provided allnGomulka’s and then Gierek’s thugs withnthe fattest and juiciest grants the StatenDepartment had to offer. Today, Polesnare being trampled on by Jaruzelski’snhenchmen, still sporting those BrooksnBros, suits and ties they purchased at thentime of those delightful exchanges tonwhich we gave our best hopes andnwhich they immediately and cynicallynconverted into petty material advant^esnthrough inamaterial promises. ProfnSchlesinger may teach his students manynthings, but he himself will never learnnthat “independence” or “greater dependence”nof the subjugated Eastern Europenis exclusively regulated by a couple ofnoffices in the Kremlin, and by nobodynelse. Or by uprisings. DnMinds Warpednor Twisted?nThe New York Times SundaynMagazine has produced in print ansentence that unmistakably attests tonone of two possibilities: either its editorsndo not know the meaning of conjunctions,na serious grammatical disability, orn