Modern Editions of Classic Worksrnfor Readers TodayrnSOVEREIGNTYrnAn Inquiry into the Political GoodrnBy Bertrand de JoiivenelrnTVanslated by J. F. HuntincjtonrnForeword by Daniel J. Mahoney and David DesRosiersrn i 1T ho decides? Who is Sovereign? What is a good act?” In quest ofrnVV answers to these vitally important questions, Bertrand dernJouvenei examines successively the nature and history of authority, thernpolitical good, the sovereign, and liberty. His concern is with “thernprospects for individual liberty in democratic societies in whichrnsovereignty purportedly resides in the whole people of the bodyrnpolitic.” His objective Is a definition and understanding of “the canonsrnof conduct for the public authority of a dynamic society.” He writes forrn”whoever would exercise the duties of a citizen.” Sovereignty is thernsequel to Jouvenel’s widely acclaimed On Power, and was originallyrnpublished in 1955. The Liberty Fund edition includes a foreword the places Jouvenel’srnwork in the context of his entire corpus.rnBertrand de Jouvenei (1903-1987) was born in Paris, taught widely, and became arnrenowned observer of British and American institutions.rnDaniel J. Nahoney is associate professor of politics at Assumption College. DavidrnDesRosiers is development officer for the Manhattan Institute.rn389 + xxvii pages. Foreword, translator’s note, preface, introduction, index.rnHardcover $23.00 0-86597-172-2rnPaperback $10.00 0-86597-173-2rn(Indiana residents add 5% sales tax)rn^Xonceived in Liberty”rnFor a nation “conceived in liberty,” the study of the ideal of a society of free andrnresponsible individuals is a never-ending obligation. Tb encourage this deliberation.rnLiberty Fund—a private educational foundation established in 1960—makes available arnwide range of outstanding books. In keeping with the Fund’s mission, books are bothrnbeautifully produced and priced to ensure their availability to all serious readers. Each titlernexplores some aspect of the interrelationship of liberty and responsibility in individual life,rnsociety, governance, or economics. Accordingly, our publications include the works ofrnAdam Smith, David Hume, Lord Acton, Ludwig von Mises, Nobel laureates F A. Hayek andrnJames Buchanan, crucial political writings of the American founding era, and otherrnlandmark works in philosophy, law, social and political thought, and education. We inviternyou to request a free copy of our catalogue.rnCall 800-955-8335 LJbCrtV FuricJrnRax 317-579-6060 |||rnor write:rnWe payrnUPS shipping onrnprepaid orders.rn8335 Allison Pointe TVail, Suite 300, Dept. CMR8, Indianapolis, in 46250rnExplore Liberty Fund’s catalogue on the World Wide Web at www.Libertyfund.orgrnrnrn