Break New York City’s Stranglehold on American Culture…n…Buy books from Regnery Gateway mnTnMilnm.’nI In•j|nn• – ^nJ 1nflfP P ” nJ unTTTnJtnDinil”birti^^n! Mimin111 ill.n1 IP-MilnH 11^.niiii;ii’i,inII un11 PinfiM^; Afn•*nTHE FAILEDn00UKI5HIPnSENATORIAL PRIVILEGE:nThe Chappaquiddick Cover-upnBy Leo Damoren”It is the best political book of 1988.”n~L.A. Times-Washington Postn”Random House may have thought the book too hotnto handle; readers will find it hard to put down.”n—People MagazinenBestseller for 15 weeks and running.nPages: 524 Price: $19.95nPROFSCAM: Professors and the Demisenof Higher EducationnBy Charles Sykesn”In a manner reminiscent of Erasmus on thenmonastery and Samuel Butler on the Victoriannfamily, Sykes goes behind ivied walls and yields usna view of the university that combines wit withnserious and important criticism.” -Robert NisbetnA powerful indictment of the University professor.nPages: 264 Price: $18.95nROOSEVELT AND STALIN:nThe Failed CourtshipnBy Robert NisbetnAn analysis of the relationship that shaped thenpostwar world. Nisbet documents the naivete andnarrogance of FDR, who ignored warnings aboutnSoviet expansionism, intentionally humiliatednWinston Churchill, and callously and intentionallynturned his back on the peoples of Eastern Europe.nPages: 160 Price: $14.95n” , . •’ • ‘ s <nT – _, r»n’I »^ * * 1* ••• r Vn-re :r . ••-n.. I •C4-, • :•*•’nSYMPHONIC PORTRAITS:nA Classical PortfolionPhotographs by Ramon ScavellinText by Theodore LibbeynOver 100 sterling photographs of conductorsnand soloists who have appearednbefore the National Symphony Orchestra.n”Ramon Scavelli’s photographic portraitsnpossess a very special quality—musicality.”n—Mstislav RostropovichnPages: 150 Price: $50.00nThe Savior ofnSciencenBy Stanley JakinA provocativenanalysis of sciencenand religion by anrenowned scientist,nphilosopher, andntheologian.nPages: 200nPrice: $10.95nL rnStanley L. JakinThe Saviornol S(.-ii’iK’t _n>Nnts^ vffN-f.rf/<. JNajSnI-n’ fl’^inn^.,.i::’iivi|.i:k-j.n’. – ^^’i-Jst^^S^mlSnTo order books, please complete this form and mail to: Regnery Gateway, 950 North Shore Dr., Lake Bluff, IL 60044nOr call: 1-800-448-8311 (IL: 1-312-295-r” —nYour name and address :nTitlenSenatorial PrivilpgenPROFSCAMnRoosevelt & StalinnSymphonic PortraitsnSavior of Sciencen• Please send me a free copy of The American Citizen Reader’s Catalogue.nLnnnQuantity CostnShipping and handling:nTOTAL:n$4.00n