As for capturing the GOP, forget it—unless vou belie e thernllolv Spirit will intervene (which is possible, of course, butrnhighly unlikely). Why would God want to save the RepublicanrnPart}’ from the oblivion it has so eagerly sought and so richK deserves?rnAgain, our best course of action is the establishment of arnthird party, and as c]uicklv as possible—in a matter of months.rnSuch an action will demand an enormous amount of ad aneernwork and tens of millions of dollars. It will require a candidaternand a structure—soon, verv soon. No single group can accomplishrnthis end alone. To be successful, ue must involve the entirernpro-life, pro-famih’ moement—or at least those who arcrnwilling to break their recent ties with the GOP. To implementrnthis strategy, I suggest that all interested pro-life, pro-famil’rngroups hold a summit meeting immediatelv to form our ownrnpolitical party, to define our agenda, to determine a means ofrnenlisting a candidate or candidates, and to lav plans forrnfundraising and the deelopment of a grassroots campaign organization.rnWe must establish the structure and goals of this part in therncrucible of honest debate—and we must do so publicly, whilernthe entire nation looks on. This debate must be among thosernwho share a common commitment to traditional America. Wernmav disagree initially as to strategy and priorities, but we mustrnbe one in our commitment to first principles. (Those wlio beliernc that a political partv should focus cxelusixelv on economicrnissues—that social concerns are irrelc ant and ultimatcK embarrassingrn—should remain in the GOP. ‘rhe arc right wherernthey belong.)rnWe should come out of that initial meeting with a clear understandingrnof what we want from the federal go’ernment—rnand, more importantly, what we do not want. We want a constitutionalrnamendment to permit prayer in schools. We want tornexclude homosexuals from military service and end all federalrnfunding of the gay rights moement. We want to undo Roe v.rnWade b whatever constitutional means possible. We want tornstop Washington from promoting the distribution of condomsrnand the appro’al of sexual license in the public schools. Mostrnof all, wc want the federal go’crnment to cease meddling in ourrnpriatc lics and put an end to its current efforts to change thernmoral code that has traditionally governed our conduct as arnpeople.rnThat is the kind of agenda we must frame and then lav beforernour potential supporters nationwide. We should ask millionsrnof pr(.)-famil’, pro-life advocates to pledge financial supportrnonl to a party or candidate dedicated unambiguoush’ torntraditional ‘alues. Then—and onh’ then—can we be strongrnenough to tell our political opponents: “No more uncertainrntrumpets. No more lukewarm Social Gontracts with Americarnthat hedge on abortion and hide from ga” rights. No more subserrnient support for a political party—any part—that won’t letrnour leaders speak at its national convention and won’t campaignrnon our principles, e’cn when they’re a part of the officialrnplatform. And no more Bob Doles.”rnIf we delivered that message with unitv of purpose and voice,rnmillions would listen and join our movement. Americans ha’ernalwas responded to an unequivocal commitment to truth,rnvirtue, and freedom. Thev would respond again in o’crwhelmingrnnumbers—or face the ravages of a grim and soulless future.rn1 he electorate is there for the taking, so let us get on with thernbusiness of restoring America.rnLast Ritesrnby Alan SullivanrnIf this is deathrnBlotching his face with sores and hives.rnWhy must a dead man strive for breathrnUntil the ambulance arrives’rnHeaven forbidrnHe suffer more indignities:rnThe bedpans of an invalid,rnDisfiguring metastases.rnBetter to gornWith some panache. His shrunken handsrnFumble at belt and bow as thoughrnTo fasten life’s unraveled strands.rnI find him dressedrnWith strict attention to details.rnMatching the hues of pants and vestrnWith cyanotic fingernails.rnDoes he believernDeath will respect his gallantrvrnOr does he merely preconceivernAn orderlv^ eternitv ?rnI’ll never know.rnI’ve scarcely learned to sympathizernWith the old, unforgivcn foe;rnAnd my last chance to exorcisernFilial guiltrnPasses without a word of thanksrnFor homes his patient labor built.rnFor unexpected puns and pranks.rnFor strength and strife.rnTo speak so late would seem caprice.rnLost in reliving rites of life.rnHe longs only for death’s release.rn28/CHRONICLESrnrnrn