At a more fundamental level, the administrationrnought to grasp that Serbs,rntoo, have legitimate interests which cannotrnbe permanently violated with impunity.rnThose interests can be given fullrnexpression only by true democracy, andrnby its corollary, the right of BosnianrnSerbs to self-determination. These arernreasonable demands, based on thernpurest notion of liberty, and thereforerneminently American in character.rnThe people of Serbia are facing a majorrntest of endurance and political maturity,rnwhich only they themselves willrnpass—or fail. Sooner or later they arernbound to put their nation back into thernfold of European democracies, where itrnrightfully belongs. The United Statesrnshould stop trying to postpone such anrnoutcome in the name of short-term expediencyrnand flawed concepts of regionalrnstability.rnSrdja Trifkovic is executive director of ThernLord Byron Foundation for BalkanrnStudies.rnUPDATE: The students’ egg-andwhistlernrevolution against SlobodanrnMilosevic attracted powerful support inrnearly January, when the ruling council ofrnthe Serbian Orthodox Church condemnedrnthe president for his illegal andrnviolent acts. A few days later, the head ofrnthe Yugoslav army declared that thernarmy would not support Milosevic in thernevent of a crackdown. English newspapersrnhave also reported that officers andrnelite units of the Yugoslav army are readyrnto revolt. They are disgusted withrnMilosevic’s arbitrary annulment of electionrnresults and even more with hisrnbloody failures in the Balkan War. Unfortunately,rnSerbs are a volatile people,rnall too likely to swing from one extremern—bellicose nationalism—to another,rnwhich in this case would be thernmulticultural social democracy being advocatedrnby protest leaders.rnThe Bosnian War, which seems likelyrnto bring down Slobodan Milosevic, wasrnwon by American air power in an unholyrnalliance with Iranian terrorism. Accordingrnto the L.A. Times, the CIA has revealedrnthat President Izetbegovic took arn$500 million payoff from the Iraniansrnwho wanted to help reelect this Europeanrndisciple of the Ayatollah Khomeini.rnEven as Bill Clinton was giving the Muslimrngovernment of Bosnia a clean bill ofrnhealth, the CIA was describing its presidentrnas “literally on the payroll” of Iran.rnThe CIA also estimates that betweenrnMay 1994 and December 1996, Iranrnsmuggled 14,000 tons of arms intornBosnia with a value of $I00-$200 million.rnThe foreign policy genius whornhelped engineer the deal? None otherrnthan Anthonv Lake, Clinton’s nomineernfor CIA director. Lake deliberately misledrnboth Congress and the CIA aboutrnAmerican in’olvement with Iran, and onrnNovember 7, the House made a criminalrnreferral of Lake to the Justice Department.rnIf the Republicans cannot stop hisrnnomination, they are missing an opportunityrnto be statesmen and hardballrnpoliticians at the same time.rn—Thomas FlemingrniirnTrickle-DownrnEthicsrnby Ralph R. ReilandrnIt’s everywhere,” says Mike, a youngrncop in Pittsburgh’s Zone Four, anrnurban area that runs from Brookline tornBroadhead Manor, referring to the widespreadrnuse of illegal drugs, especiallyrnamong kids. “My girifriend even uses it.rnAlmost every kid I stop, when I checkrntheir cigarettes, there’s marijuana in thernpack,” he explains. “We don’t even arrestrnthem anymore. I just break it up andrnthrow it on the ground.”rn”Marijuana’s a gateway drug, but theyrndon’t see the danger,” he says. “If I try torntalk to them, to give them some fatherlyrnadvice, they act like I’m the one who’srnoff base: ‘Come on,’ they say, ‘1 can handlernit. They do drugs at the WhiternHouse.'”rnNationwide, marijuana use has morernthan doubled among 12- to 17-year-oldsrnsince Bill Clinton was elected. PresidentrnClinton denies any cause-and-effect, butrnwhen the leader of our country tells arnteen-oriented audience on MTV that ifrnhe had to do it over he would not “justrnsay no” but instead inhale, what lessonrnare kids to draw? Overall, illegal drug usernhas jumped by 55 percent between 1994rnand 1995, reports the Household Surveyrnon Drug Use, and monthly use of LSDrnand other hallucinogens has nearlyrntripled in the past four years.rnAnother example of the effect ofrnWhite House ethics was seen late lastrnyear outside a New York jail, where newspaperrnphotographers snapped the picturernof a blind woman carrying a briefcase.rnIt contained $50,000 in cash, bailrnmoney for her husband, Burton Pugach,rnage 69. Mrs. Linda Pugach was blindedrnby Mr. Pugach, a personal injury lawyer,rnin 1959. Burton was married to someonernelse at the time, and Linda was a single,rnpretty 25-year-old secretary who rebuffedrnhis advances. Burton respondedrnby hiring three thugs to throw lye in herrnface. “If I can’t have you, no one elsernwill,” he said at the time. “When I getrnfinished with you, no one else will wantrnyou.” The young secretary lost one eyernand was declared legally blind in the other.rnAfter Pugach got out of prison, 14rnyears later, Linda married him.rnNow, 59-year-old Linda was carryingrnher husband’s bail money. He’s accusedrnof threatening to kill his latest mistressrnafter she ended their five-year affair. Herntold prosecutors that his wife approved ofrnthe adultery: “She told me, ‘If PresidentrnClinton can do it, so can you.'” On thernjail steps, reporters asked Linda Pugachrnhow she felt about her husband. Her reply?rn”Did you call Hillary and ask herrnhow she feels? Hillary isn’t asked to explain.”rnNew York Senator Daniel PatrickrnMoynihan worries that American societyrnis “defining deviancy down,” toleratingrnwhat’s intolerable. “We’ve become accustomedrnto alarming levels of crimernand destructive behavior,” he says. “Thernresult is a genera! acceptance of the abnormalrnas normal. We have been redefiningrndeviancy so as to exempt muchrnconduct previously stigmatized.”rnThis redefining of deviancy was neverrnclearer than in the wake of the Dick Morrisrnscandal. According to a Newsweekrnpoll, 68 percent of respondents said thatrnthe presidential advisor’s “dealings withrna prostitute wouldn’t make them lessrnlikely to vote for Clinton.” Most votersrnseemed unbothered that room servicernincluded toesucking and adultery.rnNewsweek reported that the “68 percentrnsay it hasn’t made them doubt Clintonrnon family values.”rnIn 1992, Dick Morris told the Los AngelesrnTimes that he knew he had tastes inrncommon with Bill Clinton when he sawrna sexy picture of Dolly Parton taped in-rn46/CHRONICLESrnrnrn