An Odd, New Way To RomernAll roads lead to Rome. There’s Augustine Avenue and the immense Aquinas Turnpike.rnMore broad highways were built by St. Benedict, St. Dominic, and St. Francis. I stumbled ontorna tiny, twisting trail.rnWhen I became a Christian, I decided to believe the Bible, literally. Then, I joined thernMainline church to which generations of my family belonged. Their leadership became leadersrnhip; liberal and pro-abortion. I saw two choices: Become a Baptist, where being a Fundamentalistrnwasn’t thought to be odd. Or, become a Catholic, where Fundamentalism was laughed at,rnbut whose structure was sounder.rnThe notion of being a Catholic Fundamentalist offended everyone. Many modem Catholicsrnenjoy feeling intellectually superior to Fundamentalists and won’t take them seriously.rnMany Fundamentalists won’t admit that the Catholic Church is primary in Christendom.rnI was astride the Great Divide. Then, it hit me: We have Free Will! Therefore, whenrnGod made the world. He had to do it so that we couldn’t tell if He made it. Why? If we couldrnprove that He made it, we’d be forced to believe in Him, and wouldn’t have Free Will.rnAll I had to figure out was how He could have made a world with fossils and layers ofrnrock and all the old-looking stuff. I ran across a book on fractals, the shapes drawn by computerrnformulas that make surprisingly realistic forms. “God could have programmed 3-D fractals!”rnzoomed into my mind. “With 3-D fractals. He could program a world with beds of fossils,rndinosaur bones, pools of oil; everything on and in the Earth, in 7 days. 3-Dimensional fractals,rnsmaller than electrons, could be the building blocks of building blocks!” No one could provernthey aren’t.rnI don’t like weird thoughts. I’m a conservative family man… prosperous… own a factory….rnhundreds of employees …. farms…. knack for inventing things…. dozens of patents….rnon Boards of Directors…. an elected official…. Republican. The last person in the world whornshould be spending time trying to clear underbrush from a strange trail to Rome is me. Usually,rnit’s some Pinko nun.rnI couldn’t stop. I turned my pathway to Rome into a novel, CRATS!. Advertised it in arnfew conservative magazines. Ads, and word of mouth, generate sales from Ecuador to Japan inrna growing underground of Catholic fundamentalism.rnCRATS! brings Public Education, a secular society, and Hollywood’s special effectsrntogether to make both Church and Bible more believable, even to the most worldly among us. Irnam no Aquinas. The way to Rome mapped out in CRATS! is only a path, not a proof CRATS!rnmerely offers an explanation for Catholic/Fundamentalist/Orthodox Jewish theology that isrnuncontradictable. It floats a balloon of thought that simply cannot be shot down. Do you knowrnwhom CRATS! helps? Young people who know more about technology and computers thanrnabout the Church.rnUnlike the new-age, Gnostic alternatives that riddle society, the ideas in CRATS! show arnfundamental way to the Roman Catholic Church and unity, not a Catholic way to start-a-newsectrnFundamentalism and the factions that follow.rnTo order CRATS! Call 1-800-OLD-DRUM (653-3786). VISA/MC accepted.rnOr send a check for $9.95; Two copies, $18.00 (includes postage & handling) to:rnOld Drum Publishing, Box 401, Portersville, PA 16051rnrnrn