Quite simply: tlte finestnone’Volume Cliristiaii refereneenin tite Cn^lislt-spesddbug ^irorldni(^y:n”Indispmsabk”… “hasmpeer”… *’thesit^knwstnus^l r^erence book for Christianity” — a few qftiwnaccolades for tins magisterial woHcnNothing of Christian interest is absent from these pages. The sweep is awesome:nThe history of the Church • doctrines • denominations • short biographies of somen4,500 eminent Christians: models of accuracy and objectivity • the boolcs of thenBible and dieir backgrounds • resumes of the notable Chnstian writings * feasts • summariesnof the teachings of theolt^ns and philosopher: again, models of objectivity andncompression • the works of Christian artists, sculptors and composers • accounts of non-nChristian religions • descriptions of cathedrals • significant findings in archaeology andntextual criticism • in fad, virtually anydiing or anybody with a bearing on 2,000 years ofnChristianitynWhen you seek information on matters Christian, the unabridged dictionaiy is skimpy or, morenoften, silent Likewise the encyclopedias. The usual Christian irference woiks (many of them excellent)nnaturally focus on subjects of mostly denominational interest Nothiiig approaches thisnvolume in scope and depth.nHie critics agree. Praise for the First Editionn”There is no otiier smiilar reference book so comprehensive, balanced, accurate and informative.”n—Kirktis Reviewsn”A fit newcomer to the ranks of the great Oxford books. Read it through, one entry a day, and itnwill take eighteen yeare from Aaron to Zwingli, and, should you remember what you have read,nwhich is improbable, you will know when you reach Zwingli as much as an archangel about thenChurch and many other matters.”—Rose Macaulay, [London] Times Lilewry Supplementn”Unbiased in his treatment of Catholic subjects.”—Ca//io//c Worldn”It is certamly a book that no clergyman or library or, indeed, any reader witii even a casual interestnin mattei^ historical or religious should be without”—A’ew York Timesn… and for this Second Revised Editionn”Still the single most useful reference book for Christianity in general.”^4/^j/oan TheologicalnReviewn”A first place to go for clear and precise mSomnQon.”—Presbyterian Outlookn”Has no peer as a one-volume encyclopedia.”—fte Review & Expositorn”This new edition is even better! I advise anyone who has an interest in die histoiy and tiieologynof the Christian Church to purchase it and keep it so close to his desk tiiat he will consult itnfrequentiy.”—CM/renfi- in Theology & MissionnHow the Qub WorksnEveiy 4 weeks (13 times a year) you get a free copy of the Chib Bulletin which offen you thenFeatured Selection plus a good choice rfAltemates—all of interest to conservatives. * If younwant the Featured Selection, do nothing, it will come automatically. • If you don’t want thenFeatured Selection, or you do want an Alternate, indicate your wishes on the handy cardnenclosed with your Bulletin and return it by the deadline date. • The majority of Club booksnwill be offered at 20-50% discounts, plus a charge for shipping and handling. • As soon asnyou buy and pay for 4 books at regular Chib prices, your memberehip may be ended at anyntime, either by you or by die Chib. • If you ever receive a Featured Selection witiiout havingnhad 10 days to decide if you want it you may retum it at Chib expense for ftill credit • Goodnservice. No computers! • The Chib will offer regular Superbargains, mosdy at 70-90%ndiscounts phis shipping and handling. Superbargains do NOT count toward hiKlling yournChib obligation, but do enable you to buy fine books at giveaway prices. • 01% onenmembership per household.nHow to get this $65 reference FREEnTHE OXFORDnDICTIONARYnOF THEnCHRISTIANnCHURCHnFL CROSSnE L.CROSS AND E. A, LIVINGSTONEnREVISEDn•Some 6,300 entries, including crossreferencesn•251 learned contributorsn- Extensive bibliographiesn• A giant: 1,551 pages in the generous 6V2nX 9V2 sizenCCUL 58nmnCONSERVATIVE I!! BOOK CLUBn15 OAKLAND AVENUE • HARRISON, N.Y. 10528nPlease accept my membcRhip in the Chib and send FREE ray copy of The OiffordnDicHonaiy