has not been branded “extremist” andrn”radical” by the political and media elite.rnThe most famous such party is the Republikanerrnof the state of Baden-Wiirttemberg,rnwhere it constitutes the majorrnopposition to a coalition governmentrnof Christian and Social Democrats. Arngovernment agent has even created arnneo-Nazi group to infiltrate the party torninstigate “neo-Nazi” activities, acts ofrn”extremism” which the governmentrncould later cite as justification for shuttingrndown the party. (America, does thisrnsound familiar?) How many “neo-Nazi”rngroups would actually exist in Germanyrnwithout such state intervention is an interestingrnquestion.rnThe Republikaner were very close tornovercoming the five percent barrier beforernthe last federal elections, whichrnterrified the political establishment. Torncounter its growing popularity, the governmentrnthen tried to pin on the party anrnarsonist attack that killed several Turks.rnThose accused of the crime were convictedrnon very flimsy evidence, and it wasrnclear that they had had extensive contactrnwith the government agent/agent provocateur.rnGermany’s Turkish communityrnalso threatened demonstrations andrnbloody reprisals, thus assuring that thernsuspects would not be acquitted.rnThe perversion of democracy into anrnideological system with official truths tornbe protected by criminal law and a secretrnpolice is what passes for liberty in thern”Free World” today. The result is thatrnpolitical institutions, as seen here inrnGermany, no longer reflect true publicrnopinion. Though one-third of Germansrnsay they belong to the “right,” right-wingrnparties are diligently suppressed.rnAmericans may ask whether renderingrnassistance to Germany’s right-wingrnopposition would further American interests.rnPerhaps not, at least in terms ofrnthe expansion of NATO or the inclusionrnof Turkey into Europe. But to requirernthat the democratic process in differentrncountries produce the same political resultsrnis a sign of the “totalitarian democracy”rnwe now see throughout the West.rnIf the United States is tiuly interested inrnthe spread of democracy, as it says it is,rnthen Americans have no other choicernbut to intervene in favor of Germany’srnconservative opposition. Of course, it isrnalways possible that, rhetoric to the contrary,rntrue democracy is the last thing thatrnAmerica and her allies really want tornspread.rnjosefSchilsslbumer is a German civilrnservant who writes from Bonn.rnN.rnThe ‘!({_egnery Jjcturesrnamed in honor of Rockford Institute board member and longtime supporter Henry Regnery, this seriesrncaptures for posterity the voices and words of important cultural and political figures.rnEach tape costs $12.50, shipping and handling charges included.rn”Let My People Go! Returning Self-Rule to Rockford” featuring Thomas Fleming and U.S.rnCongressman Don ManzuUo on the Rockford school desegregation lawsuitrn”The Floundering Free Society, or Wisdom Vanquished by Expertise” by John Howardrn”Fighting and Winning the Culture War: Reports from Three Fronts”rnfeaturing Allan Carlson on Family, Harold O.J. Brown on Religion, Thomas Fleming on Culturern”What Ever Happened to Civilization?” by John Howardrn”The Rockford Institute’s Twentieth Anniversary Dinner” featuring Chilton Williamson, Jr.,rnon “It Takes an Instituted Harold O.J. Brown on “Western Civilization Between Chaos andrnTransformation^ and Allan Carlson’s “Reflections at Twenty Years”rn”To Hell With Culture: What Is It That We Must Conserve?” by John Lukacsrn”Should Conservatives Leave the Republican Party?”—a debate betweenrnHoward Phillips and David KeenernNo. OF TAPES X $ 12.50 PER TAPE = $rnQuantityrn•rn•rn•JSainernjMdressrnSend ad with check or money order, payable to ‘”The ‘Rockford Institute,” to The Regnery J[ectures,rnThe “Rockford Institute, 928 Jf. Main St., jjpckford, IC 61103-7061rnAPRIL 1998/39rnrnrn